Answers from an interview with Amanda…

I was interviewed by Amanda, owner of Contest for Moms, back in September. I think the interview bares worth repeating, so I will post the info. here. Enjoy!

What is your home business? Country Bunny Bath & Body

When did you start? December 2004

Are you making money? Absolutely! :)

What is your advice to other moms wanting to work from home?

1. Be realistic. Just because you work from home does not mean it will be easy. Although I set my own schedule, I find that I do work just as hard as I did when I worked out of the home.

2. Don’t be narrow minded–forget tunnel vision! Challenge yourself to think outside the box. Observe how brick and mortar businesses with similar products advertise to their target market, conform it to fit yours.

3. Have a business plan. Know what your goals are and set dates to accomplish them. Have your husband, family member, or your upline hold you accountable to those goals.

4. Create a budget. Allot yourself X amount of dollars per month for business supplies. Many new WAHM’s give away the farm when they first start! Talk with your upline and figure out what a realistic budget should look like.

5. Make time for your family. That is the whole reason you wanted to stay home, right? New WAHM’s find themselves engrossed in their new business; always working it, on the computer, on the phone. Set business hours and make time for your family.What is the best thing about being a WAHM?Finally having a job that I love. Being able to put up my “closed” sign whenever I like and play with my kids. The comraderie of other WAHM’s.

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