The print newspaper for the Work at Home Community is here!

Finally! A physical print newspaper for those of us who work from home–The WC! I’m happy I stumbled upon this when visiting Christians in Business: Work at Home blog, which Regina doesn’t know it, but I have her in my Favorites! Anyway, I’m so happy to see that there is a print version of a newspaper for us working from home. Not something where I have to track on over to a website, click the link, download the file to my computer, upload the file….print it out and then finally….yes finally…read it. Well by that point I will just be too exhausted to read it and just put it aside for later.

Now who doesn’t like to get something in your mailbox that is not junk mail or bills? ***Eagerly raising my hand! Me me me!*** So I’m going to look forward to getting this 16 page publication every month. Plus it comes 3 hole punched so that you can binder it and save all that great information to reference back to….no going on your computer to look through tons of files and saying, “Now which edition was that great tip in?”

Better yet is that Kelly McCausey is the brilliant mind of this newspaper! I’ve been on Internet Based Moms for a while soaking up all the good info there whenever Kelly posts, so Kelly is someone I know I can trust.

To subscribe to The WC simply click this link:

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3 Responses to The print newspaper for the Work at Home Community is here!

  1. Aurelia

    Great Blog & I have to agree the WC is Awesome!!


  2. Drea

    I have to agree with Aurelia on both counts. I think your blog is great. It is visually pleasing and a great way to get your message about your products across and the WC is an incredible resource for WAHMs. Besides we all need to give our computers a break on occassion. I think it’s great to have something I can take to the couch with me and spend some time with my family. That’s why we stay at home after all!

  3. Jennifer C.

    This is a great asset! Have you ever seen the live/work communities? For those who work at home and need more space, you can purchase a live/work with office or commercial space on the first floor and living space on the second and third floor!

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