Eyeshadow Magic by Elke

Eye Shadow Magic

By Elke von Freudenberg

To create the new round eye, apply a soft, neutral brown across the eyelid and slightly above the crease, creating a round shape.

Blend, going upwards towards the brow…

Apply the same color shadow underneath the bottom lashes…

To create a dark eye without the hassle of black eye shadow, take a black pencil inside the lower eye to create the new smoky eye look.

A new way to keep eyeliner lasting all day? With your eyeliner brush, apply waterproof mascara along the top lashes with a eyeliner brush…apply a sharp line for a liquid eyeliner look…

Or, if you want a softer look, then take a darker eye shadow and blend into the mascara after it has dried. Blend upwards for a smudged, smoky effect.


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4 Responses to Eyeshadow Magic by Elke

  1. Jennifer C.

    These are great tips! I am always nervous to apply too much eyeshadow!

  2. Tina

    I’ve always been nervous about wearing too much shadow and looking like a clown.

  3. Anna S.

    the pictures do not show up anymore….

  4. Vanessa Flores

    I have recently been to a mary kay party. They are teaching them to add the first light color all over and then do a v shape for the darker color on the crease and just above your eye lash line.

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