Structura M3 Facial Renewal Concentrate

I received Structura M3′s Facial Renewal Concentrate about 2 months ago. It is an anti-aging moisturizer that isn’t going to rob you of your first born in price. It’s only $29.99 for a 2oz. tube that you can purchase online or at Long’s Drugstore.

What they say:

Structura M3’s Facial Renewal Concentrate formula contains the clinically active ingredients Matrixyl, Dermaxyl, and Retinyl Palmitate to visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and provide collagen support. We have also added Myoxinol, which smoothes the expression lines.

Clinically proven to reduce surface area of deep wrinkles by up to 68% and reduces the look of wrinkle volume by up to 24%.

Clinically supports a 44% to 98% decrease in the look of deep wrinkles and helps reduce the look of main wrinkle volume by up to 36%.


Clinically proven to help reduce the look of wrinkles by up to 26%.

What I thought:

I liked that this moisturizer wasn’t thick or greasy. I have combination skin and for daytime use, any moisturizer with even a hint of thickness makes me looks like a shiny mess. It had a very light fragrance
and I love my moisturizers to have some scent to them. It gave my skin some smoothness, however I didn’t really notice the minimization of the deep wrinkles I have going on above my eyebrows and the one under my eye. It did moisturize well and made my skin feel great though.

If you’ve used this product, let me know what you thought.

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  1. Jennifer C.
    What age should you start using aging products?
  2. Anna S.
    it is never too late Jennifer!
  3. Anna S.
    or should I say too early?

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