Mom: Get Glamorous! A Contest Is Brewing…

We all have favorite things; even Oprah has a show based around it. If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll notice when I absolutely love a product and sometimes mention that it’s one of my favorites. So have you been paying attention lately? ;)

In the next few days a contest will be launching on A Girl’s Gotta Spa!….a contest specifically for moms here within the US. I’m a little biased being a mom myself and I felt there had to be another mom out there that must be in some dire need of pampering. Is it you?

Here’s a few teasers about this contest that I call “Mom: Get Glamorous!”:

The winning mom will receive a beauty prize pack that is a combination of makeup, skin care and other beauty items.

This prize pack contains 10 of my favorite products and values at $300.

Want to know one of the products in it? Boots No7 Restore & Renew.

I’ll have a guest judge helping me out to chose the winning mom. She is also one of my favorite moms and is an editor of a popular beauty magazine.

This same beauty magazine is also adding to the prize pack with one of their own for the winning mom.

If you need some pampering—you want to win this prize pack.

So moms, spread the word to any mom you feel may be interested in winning some very fabulous beauty products. And stay tuned here; I’ll be announcing the contest and all of the details in the next few days…the contest starts July 6th after all. :)

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3 Responses to Mom: Get Glamorous! A Contest Is Brewing…

  1. Dark Circles
    There’s nothing better than a bit of luxury to get you going again. Winning a $300.00 prize pack could keep me going for a long time!
  2. Anonymous
    Well If I live and breath – if I don’t need to win this then I must be NUTS – Single Mom, work 40+, no child support, I live in sweatie FL and haven’t dated in 7+ years and have decided that I really need to get back into dating – and walla the perfect contest for me! :-)
  3. Jennifer C.
    Everyone loves a giveaway!

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