Review: Alterna Caviar Anti-aging Hair Care


It is no surprise that Alterna’s Caviar hair care line feels like complete indulgence. I was completely taken by surprise when I used their Caviar Anti-aging Shampoo & Conditioner. My hair is long and feels thick and coarse. I’ve never had a day when I can simply use a pick through my hair without spraying on detangler first. YET—these products made my hair feel so wonderful, so soft, so smooth and literally it felt so much lighter, that I was amazed to watch my pick go through my hair without using any other hair product first.

I’m not the only person who was blown away by their products. During the review process was when I was in and out of the hospital (baby, surgery, etc). My mother stayed at my house to help my husband take care of our other children. She called me at the hospital to basically tell me she was taking home the Alterna products. She told me her hair has never felt better or had such a magnificent shine before. It took a lot of arguing, but she finally realized she could not steal my Alterna products from me. (Sorry mom!)

The three ingredients in the Alterna Caviar line that make them like no other are: caviar extract, Vitamin C and Cytokines. You not only see the difference in your hair immediately, it is something you feel when you run your fingers through it, too.

Amazing, amazing product.

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Posted on by Shannon Smyth in beauty, Hair Care 10 Comments

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10 Responses to Review: Alterna Caviar Anti-aging Hair Care

  1. Nandini

    Hi Shannon,

    I found your blog today for the first time. While I appreciate your honest reviews, I cant believe that you wouldnt give your set of Caviar hair products to your Mom, who came over to look after your 3 kids!! Its just “stuff”, you know, which is much less impt in your life than “people”. I hope you get the right message here. Thanks

  2. Shannon Nelson

    Hi Nandini,

    Thanks for posting a comment.

    I had been in the process of testing out these products when I went into the hospital; I like to use things a few times instead of just using it once and posting a review.

    No worries, Alterna sent me other products that I gave to my mom once I was done trying them out (review to come of course). She also got to fill up a bag of products I have previously reviewed by other companies and took home about $500 worth of beauty products.

  3. Anonymous

    I am writing in response to your comment…I am Shannon’s mother and loved the Alterna product as she said. After only one use my hair was softer, shiner and more manageable. Sure I would have loved to take it home, but this is part of my daughter’s work and I understood why I couldn’t take it home, she still needed to review it and I am thrilled that she used my comments in her review. Shannon is a loving, caring daughter who loves her work and will give an honest review of products she tries. I trust her judgement and do have a lot of product that she has given me.
    The importance here is not that Shannon did not give me product because I cared for the boys (all 4 of them) and helped her husband, but that we love and respect each other and have open and honest communication. I thought her comment “Sorry Mom” was a hoot!! We have laughed over it. So Nardini, try the product, follow my daughter’s blog and know that Shannon and I do know what is important in life…clean, shiny, soft hair comes in way below that!

  4. Shannon Nelson

    Nandini mom, Nandini. lol.

    What a nice comment. 🙂 Love you.

  5. Jo

    I finally used this the other day and all I can say is OH MUH GAWD!! Your mother was so right. My hair has never felt so clean, soft, and shiny in my entire life and I honestly mean that.

    Heck even my husband noticed when I picked him up from the airport that night and he only saw it in the dark van!! lol

    I’m starting to think winning your contest is going to make me a product addict. hehe

    The more stuff I use the more I think I luv you. *snort*

  6. Shannon Nelson

    You are funny Jo–it does rock doesn’t it?

  7. Jennifer C.

    Caviar extract in shampoo? I have heard of everything now!

  8. Anna S.

    Honestly, i like my caviar on a plate. with bread. i dont know if hair is really aging, or its just a marketing ploy.

  9. Vanessa Flores

    Caviar. I have not even tried it on a plate. YET, I will one dya maybe in my 50’s. How does it smell?

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