Carmindy Adds Her 5-Minute Face to Mom Get Glamorous!

About 3 weeks ago I emailed Carmindy Acosta, the talented Makeup Artist on TLC’s What Not To Wear, and asked if she would be willing to donate her new book “5-Minute Face: The Quick & Easy Makeup Guide For Every Woman” and autograph it for my contest prize pack.

Well last night she sent word that she would love to add her book and autograph it for the winning mom and send an autographed photo, as well. I am thrilled!

Since I can relate way too many times to the fashion victims on What Not To Wear, I watch the show religiously. I love how super fabulous Carmindy makes each woman look, so I know her book has got to be chock full of great tips (I know her newsletter is! I subscribe!).

So hooray moms! This little dream of mine to gift a deserving mom has turned out to be an awesome prize pack now worth $540!!!! Holy Smokes! And the entries are rolling in! You all are humbling me with your stories–thank you!

Ps. If you are also wondering which spray on foundation Carmindy uses–I revealed it on Beauty Pro!

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5 Responses to Carmindy Adds Her 5-Minute Face to Mom Get Glamorous!

  1. Anonymous
    I sooooooo want this set!
  2. Anonymous
    I bought Carmindy’s makeup book, it’s awesome! It really helped improve my makeup look and i discovered new colors to use on my skin :-)
  3. Jennifer C.
    I love her makeup techniques! It is very natural!
  4. Anna S.
    i have her book- she makes makeup techniques sound so easy/
  5. Vanessa Flores
    I love what not to were. I just wish I could practice what they preach LOL. But I do not. I used to watch what not to were all the time it is awesome especialy for some one who never was tought how to dress.

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