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Pedi-Relax is a foot care line that I had never heard of…but have enjoyed using their products and learning more about them in recent weeks. Their product line consists of 8 foot pampering products at an amazingly reasonable price ($7.99). Pedi-Relax is a foot care line made with essential oils such as Tea Tree, Lavender, Thyme, Sweet Almond and Sage. All of their products are intended to pamper, refresh and protect your feet and are offered in gels, creams and sprays.

Here is a quick synopsis of each of the products I tried:

Products that pamper:

Exfoliating Cream For Feet: This is an exfoliating cream made with essential oil of lemon for dry feet. It has a great refreshing citrus scent and uses Urea, Lactic Acid, Salicyclic Acid and Microbeads for exfoliating and smoothing your skin with Lemon Peel Oil for purifying. It’s not harsh or abrasive. You can use it daily for the initial 3 weeks and then it should be used only once per week.

Moisturizing Massage Cream For Feet: This is my favorite of all of the line. It is another citrus scented cream with essential oil of sweet orange. The cream actually looks like a rich thick shower gel. It is so soothing on your feet-ahh heaven! This product is geared towards dry and very dry feet and contains glycerin to moisturize.

Moisturizing Repair Cream For Feet: This product is for dry and cracked feet and is moisturizing with lavender oil and glycerin. The Lavender and Thyme essential oils make an interesting scent combination. The lavender scent actually reminds me of a fabulous lavender soap I have in my shower right now, it’s a very relaxing scent.

Products that Refresh:

Intense Deodorant Gel For Feet: This product contains tea tree oil to purify and sage oil for freshness. It has a cooling and dry effect on your feet, which is great during these super hot days. It worked well to keep my feet “deodorized” if you will.

Refreshing Deodorant Spray For Feet: This spray is more of a spritzer and has a nice clean scent (courtesy of the tea tree and sage essential oils). Max amount per day for use is twice. It’s great to use on those days when you are wearing your ballet flats in super hot weather.

Products that Protect:

Protective Barrier Cream For Feet
: It was difficult for me to get a true read on this product, as I only get blisters on my feet when breaking in new shoes. The Protective Barrier Cream is intended to create a barrier between your feet and your shoes to prevent rubbing and blistering. It is also moisturizing with a blend of Sweet Almond Oil, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Squalane.

Intense Hydrating Cream For Feet: This product is intended for extremely dry and damaged feet. It’s formulated to provide extreme hydration and protection with intense moisturizing. It also works to protect feet against further loss of moisture with an ingredient (Tocopheryl Nicotinate) for circulation maintenance. My feet are not extremely dry or damaged, but this product sure felt good on them.

All Pedi-Relax products can be purchased at

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5 Responses to Pedi-Relax Foot Care Products

  1. Great Skin Guy

    What a great product for your feet. With your feet having some of the largest pores on your body, it’s important that they exfoliate and breathe properly to help release harmful free radicals from the body.

  2. Anonymous

    I have used the Protective Barrier Cream for feet during long runs (i.e. the Susan G. Komen race for the cure) and other “marathons” and I can honestly say that it has worked for me. Without it I get blisters after the 2nd mile but with it I can keep my running shoes on long after the race. It’s FANTASTIC.

  3. Jennifer C.

    This line sounds great! I love to give myself home foot treatments – my hubby loves it too!

  4. Anna S.

    i find that my feet only cause trouble when it is cold out and i have to wear boots. never had a problem with my feet during hot weather

  5. Vanessa Flores

    My feet get so cracked. I thought I was one in 100. But I started noticing that when I wore tennies it did not happen as bad.but I love my sandles. So i am going to have to try something new.

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