Review: Artemis Woman Heel Smoother Pro & Topaz Butter

This handy little device is a Godsend. Sometimes, just exfoliating your dry, cracked feet doesn’t take care of your calloused feet–you need to take it to the next level and then let exfoliating and moisturizing be your way to maintain your fabulous new feet.

The Artemis Woman Heel Smoother Pro is a pedicure appliance that smooths callouses and removes dry skin on heels and toes in seconds–literally! It comes with two DuraCrystal Power Tips; one that is large for use on your heels and then a smaller more elongated tip to get around your toes and to use on your cuticles.

It was a little tricky to use at first, as those crystal tips spin very fast and my hand would go flying off my heel. The Heel Smoother has two speeds: soft and high, so I suggest using it on soft first to get the hang of it. The DuraCrystals wore down my heels in no time and once I applied the Topaz Butter, they felt amazingly soft. The Topaz Butter is made of shea butter and topaz crystals and has a thick, creamy, non-greasy texture.

What’s fabulous about this product is that it costs the same as a pedicure, however it is something you will have for a long time, saving you money in the long run. Plus when you purchase this product, Artemis Woman donates 2% of the profits to support alternative screenings and treatments for women’s cancers. Your feet look fabulous AND you are in some small way helping another woman with cancer–it’s something you can feel good about.
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7 Responses to Review: Artemis Woman Heel Smoother Pro & Topaz Butter

  1. teri

    I am so obsessed with my feet in the Summer – I bet this would be awesome!

  2. Shannon Nelson

    Teri–your feet will be so super smooth!

  3. Susan

    I love my Artemis Woman Heel Smoother! I have tried other files, graters and pumice stones. This is so easy and very safe to use. You really can’t overdo it.

  4. Jennifer C.

    I bet this would work great! Topaz butter is something I have never heard of !

  5. Anna S.

    sort of like a Pedegg? i have PedEgg and use it sometimes, it get rid of dry skin, but for some reason i dont care much for it

  6. Vanessa Flores

    I like the pedegg. I just had to learn to keep it from my daughter. She put it in her mouth the other day. I have very bad cracked feat from wearing sandles all the time . Winter or summer.

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