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Solessence believes in “the power of pampering” and so do I; the way a product feels on your skin, the aroma of your favorite fragrance, how nurturing your skin is also nurturing your soul. Taking time out for you is so important to your well being. Solessence sent some products my way recently and I now understand why The Fashion Team on TV Guide loved their products so much.

SheShea*XieXie Intense Creamed Sugar & Coconut Milk Scrub: This product really was unlike any other sugar scrub I have used before. It is a very thick scrub that you can scoop into your hands and let melt to the heat of your body temperature as you rub it on. I have a love for coconut, as it reminds me of my childhood days spent on the beaches of Rhode Island (and that boy who I had a crush on that shoved a jellyfish down my bathing suit). The combination of unrefined African Shea Butter and coconut milk not only leaves your skin feeling ultra soft, but its texture and yummy aroma are soothing to your spirits.

SheaShea*XieXie Intense Lotion: I am a true sucker for fabulous packaging. This lotion comes in a frosted glass bottle. The bottle itself is so pretty that I plan to use it as a vase for small flowers when its emptied. Also, the glass bottle makes you feel like you are indulging into something entirely special. The scent of the lotion I received is called “Days of Wine & Roses” (sounds like my life before kids) and smells lightly of roses (not overpowering or perfumey) and green tea. Their website says its scented with florals, berries and wine–definitely a pretty combination. The lotion is non-greasy and quickly absorbs into your skin leaving it to feel like satin.

Signature Organic Coconut & Shea Botanical Block Soap: This very large and thick bar of shea soap arrived in “Really Lovely.” It’s a wonderfully calming scented lavender soap. The top of one side is covered with pieces of lavender, making this a soap you can buy bunches of just to display on your countertop until ready for use. I am such a fan of shea soaps because shea butter is so good for people with ultra dry skin and psoriasis/eczema. My children and I all suffer from eczema and this soap has really helped to deliver moisture where we need it and send the eczema packing.

If you haven’t tried any of Solessence’s products, I highly recommend that you do. Your skin will thank you!

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4 Responses to Review: Solessence

  1. Sharon
    There’s nothing better than using all natural ingredients for your beauty regimen. I think they are more refreshing and gentler than other types of products.
  2. Jennifer C.
    I would really love to try the sugar scrub. I like the way they feel on my skin, and they do a great job removing dead skin and helping to remove ingrown hairs.
  3. Anna S.
    Their website is so relaxing. I like how spa related sites attempt to create that same “spa atmosphere” in the world of internet
  4. Vanessa Flores
    The only thing I have used for ingrown hair is a needle and tweezer. Not the best idea. But a girls gota do what a girls gotta do.

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