Review: Wysi Wipe Biodegradable Towelettes

I’m sure you looked at the product mentioned in the title for this review and wondered what in the world am I doing reviewing a towelette. Honestly, I was intrigued when I was approached about Wysi Wipes, but was also unsure how exactly it would fit into the topic of beauty.

Wysi Wipe Biodegradable Towelettes are 100% natural cloth that are compressed into small tablets. They only require a teaspoon of water to expand to a full size cloth (9×9). The cloth is amazingly soft, durable and reusable.

While I could totally see how this is a fabulous product for taking with me to the beach, camping, traveling and cleaning, I thought long and hard as how to use it as a beauty product–then eureka! I wet the Wysi Wipe and squeezed a small amount of Plantogen’s Purifying Cream Cleanser (review to come) onto the wipe and voila! an instant facial! The Wysi Wipe looks very similar to the facial cleansing cloths used by Pond’s with its small pockets to hold the cleanser and exfoliate my face as I rubbed it in a circular motion. After rinsing, my face felt great.

Using the Wysi Wipe in this way means having the ability to change up which cleansers you are using for a mini-facial and not be subject to the same product day in and out such as you would with the Pond’s facial wipes. It also means you don’t have to worry about your wipes drying out since the Wysi Wipes are not activated until you apply water.

I really like this product for its uniqueness and versatility. Have you tried them? Let me know!

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  1. Jennifer C.
    This is a great concept! I would definitely tote these to the beach.
  2. Anna S.
    never tried one. but products like these are great because of the unique concept and talented marketing

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