Review: Kanebo Sensai Total Lip Treatment

Talk about some spa time for your lips. I’ve been using Kanebo’s Sensai Total Lip Treatment for a few weeks and have been loving the way it makes my lips look and feel.

What they say:
Promotes collagen synthesis and quality in the “O-Zone” area on and around the lips. Minimizes dullness, repairs roughness, and leaves lips plumped up and smooth.

What I thought:
Total Lip Treatment is pretty large in size for a lip product. You also only need to pump out the tiniest amount of product to smooth over your lips. It doesn’t have a taste, scent and doesn’t feel greasy. It’s basically like lotion for your lips. It applies semi-thick until you’ve worked it into your lips and then it absorbs.

I applied it as the last part of my skincare routine, most times at night before bed. By day two, I had used it prior to applying my MAC Lipglass and remarked that my lips do look good, or rather, “Damn!” is more along the lines of what I said as I looked at myself in the mirror. It was later confirmed when my husband saw me and said, “What did you do to your lips? They look good.” That’s usually the cincher that a product is worth my money. :)

I’ve continued using the Total Lip Treatment for a few weeks now and I really have to say I have seen an improvement in the appearance and feeling of my lips.

Have you used it? What did you think?

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3 Responses to Review: Kanebo Sensai Total Lip Treatment

  1. Jennifer C.

    I love that this lip gloss is like a lotion for your lips without a taste! It would stay on longer since I wouldn’t be tempted to lick my lips!

  2. Anna S.

    that is why i started using all of my lip treatments overnight. i dont get tempted to lick them then.

  3. Vanessa Flores

    You know you have something good when it gets noticed. I have tryed lip plumpers and they burn . I was told that if it does not burn it does not work.

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