Meeting Of The Fabulous Beauty Bloggers

My head is still spinning from this weekend. What a heady adrenaline-filled time.

I arrived in the city with Elke meeting me at the Port Authority, we grabbed a cab and headed to the Marriot in Times Square where we met up with Erika. Got settled into my room and then Elke worked her magic on my eyebrows (which look fab). Julia and her friend Daphne arrived, then Ellen, Lianne and Elke’s assistant Lindsay. As we got ready to head out to Bryant Park, I had the pleasure of Lianne doing my makeup (yay!)

(Ellen & Elke)

(Elke & Lindsay)

(Daphne & Julia)

(Lianne & Elke)

We got to Bryant Park and while we waited for Heather Park from MAC Cosmetics, photographers were snapping pictures of Lindsay (who is gorgeous by the way). We headed in and got exclusive access to the MAC area of the tent. People were watching us and snapping pictures, which we found amusing. We listened intently as Bianca from MAC gave us the scoop on Spring beauty trends and some behind the scenes stories on MAC. I got to chit chat with Lauren, meet Marina (who is amazingly gorgeous), meet up with Tina (the ring Tina my gawd!), Diane and Nichelle.

(Left to right: Erika, Tina, Lindsay, Ellen, Elke, Lianne, Shannon, Marina, Daphne, Bianca, and Erin)

(Me & Lauren)

As things began to wind down at the MAC booth, I noticed Phillip Bloch and Robert Verdi. I got crazy and asked them to take a picture with me. They were super nice guys let me tell you! Shortly after that I saw Nick Rhodes walk down the hall (but no picture sorry!) I also saw the mother-daughter Gastineau girls (remember that reality show?) I was super excited when I spotted Kristen and Rachel leaving the United Bamboo show.

(Kristen & Rachel)

(Me & Kristen)

As we left Bryant Park, we met up with Teri and headed over to Jack’s for the best salad I have ever eaten! Plus, the atmosphere was awesome–they lit candles midway through our lunch and turned off the lights. Loved it!

(Teri & I)

Back to the hotel to relax for a few minutes and then off to Sephora! I picked up some products to review on Makeup Minute and then shortly afterwards met up with my co-worker at Pierce Mattie, Suzanne (another gorgeous girl!) I dragged her to Godiva for a delish Dark Chocolate Raspberry shake and some chocolates before she had to head back home.

Then we were all off to Arno’s Ristorante for dinner with Erica from Lancome. I was lucky enough to get to sit right next to her and talk about beauty blogging and also PR’s interaction with bloggers. Another great salad and the staff at Arno’s was great! Leslie also ate with us and was fun to talk to.

(The gang at Arno’s)
After Arno’s we hung out at The W’s Audrey Cafe & Lounge. However, this pesky Epstein Bar virus that I believe I have (thanks to my husband who has it) kind of took over and I had to take a cab back to the hotel around 1:30am.

Next morning I had breakfast with Elke at Henries Bakery and then over to Bryant Park where I saw plenty of models and the fabulous Jay Manuel.

Oh–and yes my friends–models DO eat.

On my way back home today, I just relived every moment this weekend. It was amazing meeting everyone I have talked to for the last two years and to be able to experience Fashion Week. I’m already thinking up ways to get myself back to NYC for Fashion Week in February; this is definitely something I want to do again and again.

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  1. Carleenp

    Awesome post!Thanks for all the pictures! I wish I could have been there!

  2. makeup loves me

    aww, thank you! i had so much fun meeting you!!!! i hope we can meet up again soon!

  3. Scandalous Beauty

    WOW…I am amazed, I didn’t even realize it was you either!!! I’m glad you had an awesome time, I did too! See you in February!!! :)

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