Shannon Loves Jay Manuel

Before I had to leave NYC today, Elke and I decided to hang out by the backstage entrance to the tents at Bryant Park. Definitely worth sitting and waiting as I saw my “not so secret” crush Jay Manuel make his way to the backstage door. I spent too much time saying, “” and not enough time trying to grab a picture with him. So the picture below is the best I could do as my hands were shaking!He is much taller than I thought he would be, but looked so gorgeous, even though he seemed to be channeling Prince by wearing those heeled boots.

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3 Responses to Shannon Loves Jay Manuel

  1. Toya

    Love him! He is my boyfriend (though I doubt he knows it)!

  2. Anna S.

    back when Tyra wasnt so annoying i watched a lot of ANTM and I loved his personality. I also think he cared for girls more than Tyra ever did

  3. Vanessa Flores

    He does care for the girls. He wants them to do there best and they need that kind of encouragement. I love him too. He has a great fashion wardrobe for a man. YEA. PRETY PRETTY

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