For The Shoe Addict: Shoe Stor’s Bundle Sale!

If you happen to be a lover of shoes, Shoe Stor has a great product to keep them in tip top shape. Their clear shoe boxes are perfect for organization and storage–plus they also make them for handbags, men’s sneakers and boots!

They’re having a sale and bundling their boxes for some great discounts (and I happen to think their titles are funny):

Baby Bundle
A set of 30 Women’s Clear Shoe Boxes
Regularly: $119.85
On Sale: $107.89

I love my shoes more than I love food Bundle
30 of Shoe Stor’s signature women’s clear shoe boxes;
10 of Shoe Stor’s women’s large boxes (which also work great for men’s shoes); and
5 of Shoe Stor’s clear low boot boxes.

Regularly: $210.79
On Sale: $189.72

Boot Babe Bundle

Have a thing for boots? Well then, Shoe Stor has a bundle for you. The Boot Babe Bundle gives you:
20 of Shoe Stor’s low cut boot boxes (they work great for booties and purses); and
10 of Shoe Stor’s tall boot boxes.

Regularly: $214.97
On Sale: $193.48

My Shoes Are My Life Bundle

A bit of a footwear freak? Don’t be ashamed, show them all off with Shoe Stor’s clear shoe boxes. This bundle includes:
40 Women’s Shoe Boxes;
10 Women’s Large Shoe Boxes (also work great for men’s shoes);
10 Low Boot Boxes (also excellent for purse storage); &
10 Tall Boot Boxes.

Regularly: $365.73
On Sale: $321.84

My Shoes Are Worth More Than My Car Bundle

If you aren’t afraid to admit that your shoe collection is worth more than your car (and you don’t drive a 1991 Buick), this bundle of boxes is for you:
50 Women’s shoe boxes;
20 Low boot boxes (also excellent for purse storage); &
15 Tall boot boxes.

Regularly: $462.71
On Sale: $393.31

Sold My Soul To The Devil For Shoes Bundle
You may have sold your soul into eternal damnation, but at least you have some great shoes!!! This bundle of boxes gives you:
70 Women’s shoe boxes;
15 Women’s large/Men’s shoe boxes;
25 Low boot boxes; &
20 Tall boot boxes.

Regularly: $707.57
On Sale: $567.99

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2 Responses to For The Shoe Addict: Shoe Stor’s Bundle Sale!

  1. natalie
    Does anyone know where i can get some clear shoe boxes from? I’ve tried cos they’re really cheap but they’ve sold out and wont have anymore in until the 14th march http://www.vivaladiva.comhave some but are really expensive! Can anyone help me??
  2. Shannon Nelson
    Natalie, if you click on the links with the post above, they bring you to Shoe Stor which sells clear shoe boxes.

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