Review: Incoco Dry Nail Applique

About a year ago I reviewed Avon’s Instant Manicure. When I received Incoco’s Dry Nail Applique, I had wondered if it would be any different. While in theory, the product works exactly the same, I found that Incoco’s kit gives you more bang for your buck.

Incoco’s Dry Naill Applique kit comes complete with:

1. 20 color strips
2. Cuticle Stick
3. Mini buffer/file
4. Polish removal cloth

Application is easy, as you match up a strip based on size with each nail. Peel off the protective layer and stick on. Smooth it on from the bottom to tip, fold over your nail and then use the file to file off the excess. I found that each of the strips matched my nails perfectly, which meant lucky for me, I got 2 manicures out of each package!

I absolutely loved that everything you need is provided in the kit, so no searching for your file, buffer, cuticle stick, cotton balls or nail polish remover. The package the nail appliques come in is also resealable and they provide you with special tape to seal it so that they do not dry out.

The nail polish remover pad is soaked with polish remover, so there is no chance it will dry out mid-way through removal. It is also textured to make removal easier. I tried to remove the polish on one hand using a typical cotton pad and nail polish remover and found that the pad provided was much easier and quicker to use.

The polish didn’t last me the full 14 days it promises, and just as Avon’s, it only lasted about 10-12 days. And honestly? That is much better than typical polish, which usually chips on me by day 2.

Another benefit I noticed–when I removed the polish, my nails seems stronger, smoother and were definitely longer. For only $3.99, I’d say Incoco’s product is well worth the money.

This product is available at Walgreen’s and comes in 20 color choices. Have you tried it?

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5 Responses to Review: Incoco Dry Nail Applique

  1. Anonymous

    I tried the Incoco Dry Nail Applique’s almost 2 weeks ago and I LOVE them. They last WAY longer than traditional nail polish does, even through dish washing, showering and typing. You stated that they were $3.99 at Walgreens but I paid $4.99 at Walgreens where I live. I HATE the price but I LOVE the product.

  2. Shannon Nelson

    They must’ve been on sale at the time I wrote the review because I see they are back to $4.99 at

    I agree–I think they’re great! I’ll be wearing them at fashion week!

  3. Anonymous

    Good product but size is to small, largest size I used on my thumb which was an 1/8″ short from side to side length was good. Maybe a larger size could be added?

  4. Suzy

    Ok, so, if I don’t try “gel” nails any time soon, I’m thinking about trying these… Manicures in AZ are not cheap and for $5 bucks, these could be interesting…

  5. Anna S.

    for 3.99 i am willing to try it. at least they are not asking to spend 40 bucks for a 10 percent discount like Essie did …

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