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I can relate to Cindy Bokma in many ways. We both had big dreams when we were younger that were dashed by another’s skepticism of our abilities. Cindy grew up in small town New Jersey where everyone knew everyone else. She went to school with the same group of kids from first grade until high school graduation. She hated it because she was teased so much and used to cry- which made the kids tease her more. She dreamed of living somewhere great and being fabulous and successful. She thought maybe she would end up in New York City, which was only a few miles away, but she also harbored dreams of living in sunny, glamorous Southern California. The movie industry was calling her and she thought she would be a screenwriter, artist or a fashion designer.

She loved art and fashion design and creative writing. She spent many hours in her bedroom with her pens and pencils, drawing and creating fashions especially for her favorite TV stars like Denise Huxtable and the twins from Double Trouble. Had her guidance counselor not said, “Fashion design? That’s too tough. How about secretarial school?” who knows what she would be doing now.

As with all things in life, fate always comes into play. Cindy now lives in Southern California with her husband, dogs and two children and has published a novel, “A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss.” She also has the sequel written and is currently taking a a screen writing class and preparing for her first script about five preteen best friends.

Cindy writes the super fabulous beauty blog, Hello Dollface. It’s vintage Marilyn Monroe images will remind of you classic, sophisticated glamour. It’s beauty reviews are completely relatable.

Cindy also writes Conversations With Famous Authors, a tribute to her love for books being turned into films.

I think there is a little of Cindy in all of us. Isn’t it good to know we all turn out so well?

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  1. Anna S.

    it is great when people overcome. when a person has a hard life as a child it makes him or her try so much harder as an adult- and they usually succeed greatly!

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