Fashion Descriptors–A Funny Story

My fabulous friend Barb reminded me today about my Christmas shopping trip when I was in search of an item that my mom wanted for Christmas. I was basically in tears, hysterically laughing as I ran down the description to see if she could guess what I was describing. I don’t think two people ever laughed so hard. Thank goodness for waterproof mascara!

I’m going to give you the run down of the phone call with my mom and I’d love for you to guess what I am describing:

Me: Mom, what do you want for Christmas?

My mom: I want “X” but I like it to have certain things.

Me: What do you mean? How can “X” have certain things?

My mom: Well I like flared sleeves.

Me: Flared sleeves? For “X”? Ok…

My mom: I’d like it to be A-line, but if it’s not I need a bigger size.

Me (laughing): Ok wait, I need to write this down. Who knew that “X” would have specifications mom?

My mom: And a peter pan collar.

Me: A what?

My mom: A peter pan collar. I really like flounce too.

Me: Mom, now you are getting ridiculous! What the heck is flounce!?

My mom: It’s at the bottom of “X.” I like flounce at the bottom, about an inch or two of flounce.

Me: Ok, I guess we’ll see if I can find what you’re looking for.

And let me tell you, I had to call my mom from my cell phone in the middle of Sears Women’s department because I had no clue what a peter pan collar looked like and I couldn’t find this particular item with flared sleeves. Barb and I were laughing so hard that people were staring. And don’t you know that when my mom opened her gift on Christmas, she informed me that there wasn’t enough flounce. Damn the flounce! haha.

So can you guess what it is my mother was describing?

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9 Responses to Fashion Descriptors–A Funny Story

  1. the addict

    Shannon darling! I am going to guess a bathrobe or some sort of housecoat item.

    Peter Pan collars remind me of my grade school uniform, so this gave me a good laugh!

  2. Barb.

    Oh, Shannon! I had such a fun time that day shopping…and bringing Baby Brody with me to get my haircut! I guess you should have gotten your mom the ugliest “X” after all! Not enough flounce. Oh, the humanity!

  3. Anonymous

    Yes, my guess was housecoat as well. Sounds like a fan of Doris Day!

    But I am surprised only 1 other guess…

  4. Shannon Nelson

    Close but no cigar!

  5. Nerd Girl

    A nightgown?

  6. Shannon Nelson

    Ahh Nerd Girl, yes–she wanted a flannel nightgown. 🙂

    Crazy old people and their flounce and peter pan collars.

  7. Suzy

    Shannon — I’m not that old, but I knew exactly what she wanted! I adore flouncy and frilly and girly nighties… Is anyone else here old enough to remember Lanz of Salzburg flannel nightgowns??? They were all the rage when I was growing up — including mother/daughter combinations!

  8. Suzy

    I did some Googling: Lanz nighties are still for sale. Macy’s carries them (and their sister stores). It’s not part of the Eileen West Collection — Eileen West are some of my FAVORITE sleepwear — lacey, pretty, flouncy — yes, FLOUNCY! (no collars for me, though!) I especially love the sleeveless, even spaghetti strapped, long flanel nightgowns — perfect for a Phoenix winter! LOL!

  9. Suzy

    that should be “now” — not “not” — Lanz is NOW a part of the Eileen West line…

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