Solessence & Billy B Collaborate On The Hummingbird Project

Here is an amazing story that I am so thrilled to be part of. Hillary (from Solessence) had let me know that she was starting a charity called The Hummingbird Project a while back. It is a foundation to raise money for an orphanage in South Africa that Hillary helped build way back when she was 17 (I won’t tell you how old she is now or she’d kill me!)

I gave it a write up on Beauty Pro…and then a month or two later Hillary called me to ask if I knew a makeup artist with a brush set. It just so happened that a few weeks earlier is when Billy B and I connected over the launch of his Paintbrushes (aka makeup brushes). I told her that I did know someone and told her who. Within a week I was on the phone with Billy explaining this project to him–and it just so happen he had been to South Africa with Beyonce and was very familiar with the plight of the orphanages there.

At 11:30 at night I was on the phone with Billy while emailing with Hillary back and forth. And now–the gift set you see on Solessence for The Hummingbird Project is a direct result of that. I’m honestly so proud and so excited that I was able to help put two people together that in the end, will benefit a lot of children in need.

So won’t you go over to Solessence’s website and check out the Skin Care set for The Hummingbird Project? As part of the set you get an autographed foundation brush from Billy’s Paintbrush collection.

Much love to Hillary and Billy–I was so happy to have a small role in this!

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  1. Anna S.

    it is always nice to see when money from sales goes to a good cause.

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