Gavin’s Story: TheraBreath Helped My Bad Breath

I don’t know how many of you are parents or suffer yourself from “breath issues,” but it is heartbreaking when your (almost) 9 year old son comes to you deeply saddened because the kids at school are making fun of him because he has bad breath. Unfortunately, Gavin has always had sinus, adenoid, etc. issues that have wreaked havoc on his breath. Frustrated, Gavin asked me why kids at school were calling him, “onion breath” when he brushes his teeth several times a day. He was on the verge of tears, so I put an email into a friend of mine and asked for the help of Dr. Katz, owner of TheraBreath.

Dr. Katz sent Gavin his toothpaste, mouthwash, gum, ZOX mints, tongue cleaner, oral spray and sinus & nasal spray (which he has all been using religiously). He also sent his Bad Breath Bible, which honestly, really had a lot of information that is helpful going forward for helping Gavin. I see the difference in Gavin not only in his breath of course, but his attitude and new sense of self esteem. I want Gavin to do this review himself, so please continue reading.

–My name is Gavin and I’ll be 9 in April. On the bus ride to school everyday, the kid who sits next to me would make fun of me and tell me that my breath smelled bad. It really hurt my feelings a lot because I brush my teeth everyday. Then on the bus ride home a different kid would always call me onion breath and all the other kids would laugh. It made me not want to talk to anyone because I was afraid I would be made fun of. I told my mom and at first she tried to give me Listerine because it says it kills bad breath germs, but all I had to do was smell it and I knew I didn’t want it in my mouth. So my mom asked Dr. Katz for help. I was nervous at first because I was afraid it was going to smell bad or taste bad like the Listerine.

The toothpaste is a clear gel that doesn’t have any smell to it and only has a little bit of a minty taste, but not a lot like regular toothpaste. I was really happy with the mouthwash because it didn’t sting or smell bad, it’s hard to say what it tastes like–but as a kid I can tell you it tastes good. I was afraid to try the Oral Spray because you have to spray it towards the back of your throat, but my mom convinced me to try it once and I liked it. After trying the toothpaste, mouthwash and Oral Spray, I knew not to be afraid of taste or smell for the rest of the TheraBreath products because I knew they would be good.

Ever since I have been using Dr. Katz’s TheraBreath products the kids at school haven’t made fun of me anymore. I feel a lot better because it makes me sad when kids say mean things to me. I think all kids and adults should try these products because they really work and I am so happy that Dr. Katz invented them. I now tell everyone I know all about Dr. Katz and TheraBreath so that maybe his products can help someone else. Thank you Dr. Katz for helping me!

TheraBreath is available at


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8 Responses to Gavin’s Story: TheraBreath Helped My Bad Breath

  1. Christina H.

    That is so precious! It broke me heart AND made me so happy, all at once. Shannon, I’m so glad that the products were able to help your son!!

  2. nilla cookie

    What a wonderful review, and I’m so GLAD that TheraBreath worked for you, Gavin! You’re also a great writer and I wonder if you will someday follow in your mom’s footsteps 😀

  3. Ellen

    Your son is a sweetie and I am so glad that these products have been able to help him, and give him his confidence back!

  4. Bionic Beauty

    Gavin, I’m so glad that Dr. Katz’s products helped you! Other kids can be so mean. It’s also good to know you were brave enough to try the new products, and I agree with you- Listerine can taste awful! 🙂


  5. divashop

    Aw, how precious! I’m glad that the stuff is helping him, poor guy. Tell him that he wrote a great review!

  6. Toya

    Gavin, you’re a great writer and a great kid! I’m so glad that Dr. Katz’s products have helped you.

  7. Girl-Woman

    Oh, that post just broke my heart, but I am glad in the end you found a resolution. Kudos to Gavin for sharing his story. Thank you, Gavin.

  8. Anna S.

    did he have his adenoids removed. that could help- they gather infection, and cause sore throat, snoring and bad breaths. I got mine removed when i was 10

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