Review: Freeze 24/7 Freeze & Go

(Before Freeze & Go)
(After Freeze & Go)

I certainly don’t enjoy showcasing my big ugly forehead to the world–but here it is in all its glory. I think nothing explains a product better than before and after pictures. These images are the results of using Freeze 24/7’s newest product, Freeze & Go. No photoshopping, just actual diminished fine lines and wrinkles in a matter of 10 minutes.

While my wrinkles aren’t gone forever, Freeze & Go plumps the skin to diminish their appearance and brightens it. I applied it over my makeup, so you can see what a difference it made just in the tone of my skin and in absorbing any excess oil. While the product is a cream, it is non-greasy and non-oily, so it can smooth over your makeup without disturbing it.

The first few times you use it you will notice that your skin feels a slight tightening sensation. It only lasts a few minutes and then is no longer noticeable. However, week 2 into using Freeze & Go, I didn’t even notice it anymore.

I’d say it works. Have you used it?

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12 Responses to Review: Freeze 24/7 Freeze & Go

  1. Ann

    Wow that’s amazing I have not used this but based on your results I think I’ll have too!

  2. BeautyChick101

    This sounds absolutely amazing! Now I know how to get rid of my wrinkles! :) And I’m sorry to hear about your grandpa. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. Posh Mama

    Wow! Those are AMAZING results and thank you for sharing. I would love to know further results as well. Much love, xoxo-pm

  4. Shannon Nelson

    Who knew that my ugly forehead would get such great comments! 😉

  5. Shannon Nelson

    Oh Posh Mama, is that you Tammy. 😉 I just clicked over and saw your face among all of those great women.

  6. Nina

    You got great results! I also tried it for my forehead and pores and found that Freeze & Go definitely filled them in nicely. I wish the results weren’t just temporary :)

  7. nilla cookie

    WOW… I’m pretty speechless!!

    Thanks for the review with pics – I’m looking into this ASAP!

  8. Anna S.

    i am kicking myself now for not buying their products. they were 75% off at my VS last summer

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