Redken’s Haircolor Trend Forecast Winter 2008/2009

Update: See the Redken Fall/Winter 2010-2011 Haircolor Trend Forecast

The winter season is quickly approaching and Redken’s annual haircolor collection brings consumers the season’s must-have haircolor. Taking inspiration directly from Fashion Week runways, Redken debuts a new collection the NEW Spotlight Collection  infusing blondes, brunettes and redheads with multi-dimensional sophistication, seductive shine and soft reddish-brown tones with subtle hints of violet. Featuring six calibrated Mahogany Violet shades from Redken’s Color Fusion and Shades EQ haircolor brands, the NEW Spotlight Collection offers readers versatile, new fashion-focused shades for the winter season.

According to Tracey Cunningham, Redken’s Creative Consultant for Color, the new Spotlight Collection shades from Redken are on-trend for blonde, brunettes and redheads this winter season. Blondes will look for a chic champagne hue with hints of soft rose and violet tones similar to Nicole Richie this season. Brunettes won’t want to go too dark, they should look for a rich, sultry brown with soft violet reflects, think Amanda Peet. Redheads will shy away from bright red color and look for a luxurious, sophisticated cool red-brown tones, similar to Lindsay Lohan.

The three permanent Color Fusion Mahogany Violet shades impart a cool and sophisticated veil of plum tones over rich mahogany shades. Like all Color Fusion products, Color Fusion Mahogany Violet features Redken’s Colorbond Technology which includes High Tenacity Dyes that lock together inside the hair, Ceramide to repair the surface and seal the hair to protect the beauty of the color, Cationic Conditioners to nourish and smooth the hair and Coconut Oil to help form a protective barrier against water.

Shades EQ Mahogany Glam demi-permanent shades infuse blondes and brunettes with soft reddish-brown tones with subtle hints of violet. Shades EQ’s no-lift, non-ammonia formula guarantees no lightening of hair’s natural pigment and prevents swelling and cuticle damage. Additionally, Shades EQ three Mahogany Glam formulas include acidic pH to ensure gentle processing for outstanding condition and shine; long lasting colorants to create vibrant haircolor that fades on tone; wheat Amino Acids (natural humectants) to lock in moisture and protect condition of hair; and silicone which improves shine and wet combability.

Tracey’s tip: For professional haircolor, visit a Redken Certified Haircolorist. You can rest assured that you’re receiving the highest caliber of haircolor expertise. Visit to locate a Redken Certified Haircolorist in your area.

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12 Responses to Redken’s Haircolor Trend Forecast Winter 2008/2009

  1. Suzy

    Did you know that if you home-color your hair and end up HATING it that if you wash it right away with liquid dish-washing soap you can remove almost all of the color? I learned this during a “deep brunette” incident when I ended up looking more like an eggplant! (It was the OLD version of Feria)

  2. Jennifer C.

    I am a brunette, and I haven’t colored my hair in years, but it would be nice to spruce up my natural color. I just hate it being obvious when it starts to grow out!

  3. Tina

    The EQ Mahogany Glam sounds interesting but I’m afraid it would clash with my blonde hair!

  4. Anna S.

    i assume they only sell these haircolors at Redken salons? never seen one at a store or even haircut salon…

  5. Shannon

    I’ve seen them at salons local to me, I think you will find them in salons that carry Redken. I believe you can go to the Redken website to find a salon local to you.

  6. Tina

    I think I’ll stick to my wheat blonde locks although it sounds boring!

  7. Vanessa Flores

    Suzy, nice info. To bad it does not work with a blond incedint. LOL. Ever since I turned my hair blond, I can not get it back to red. I do not know why. My goodness. Salons,, Uggghh . I grew my hair to my shoulders one time and then decided to go get it cut. I wanted a medium bob that would still be long in the front. I wanted it to be fashionable. I went home looking like moe on the three stooges horible right. I just cant seem to get a person to cut it right. I just gave up. I went back to the lady though. I uselly let things go but this time there was no fixing my hair so I said something. They gave me my money back and another girl tried to fix it. My husband asked me why i did not say anything when she was cutting it. I responded that I thought that she is the one certified. I should just let her do her job because she should know what she is doing . Maybe next time I will take a picture with me and tape it to my forehead. LOL .

  8. Deb Klein

    I just colored my hair a dark red so this would be fantastic as it seems like the darker I go{I am a natural light brown}the faster it washes out.So maybe this is the product that I need :)

  9. Vanessa Flores

    Deb , I know the lighter I go the faster it washes out. Why the opposite. I even used a stripper and still same thing. I love to dye my hair red and I can not get the same efects that I am used to.

  10. Vanessa Flores

    I have always stuck to the cheap hair colors. I do not know if there is a difference. I Just do not find the point in buying an expensive hair color that is going to wash out just as fast. The colors are better though and there is more of a salection.

  11. Aaisha

    I’d love to go for the color the model’s wearing but can’t seem to find a shade close to that in Revlon/Garnier/John Frieda/Loreal products. Could you tell us of any shades close to that one in store brands?

  12. Shannon Smyth

    Hi Aaisha, I’m honestly not sure, but you can always print out the picture and bring it with you to the store to try to match it up. There’s also a salon quality hair color service done online that is not expensive at all, and has an expert colorist on hand to help you choose the right color. It’s called eSalon and I write about it here:

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