Aussie Hair Stylist Sarah Potempa’s Favorite New Year’s Eve Looks

sarah-potempa-photoTo get super easy party hair in only a few steps, it is helpful to style your hair the day after shampooing. Freshly washed hair can often be too soft to create an updo that lasts. The day after your scalp has time to produce natural oils that will assist in the styling of these great looks by eliminating fly-aways and helping to secure the hair in place! Aussie Hair Stylist, Sarah Potempa, took the time to lend A Girl’s Gotta Spa! readers some tips to achieve the best hair styles for New Year’s Eve.


Loose Waves:
On naturally straight hair, this is a very sexy look. It works well with softer, sweet personalities to add excitement and movement to their look. Add a strong, but natural finish mousse, such as Aussie’s Opposites Attract Styling Mousse, to dry roots and loosely blow dry up. Separate hair and wrap 2″ sections around the closed 1″ iron like a candy cane. Always remember to wrap away from the face! This is how you get the most flattering wave; otherwise it looks like a banana curl. Run fingers through hair and separate.

Teased Do:
For a classy, sophisticated, but stylish ‘do, start by creating a center part. Tease in one direction and secure with Aussie’s Opposites Attract hairspray. Smooth over with boar bristle/nylon brush and twist ends and secure with bobby pins. Don’t be afraid of letting loose pieces fall and creating a messy twist in the back. This look is all about the clean center part on straight hair!

scarlett-johanssonRumpled Bun:
This look on naturally straight hair needs a boost! Add a strong, flexible mousse to dry hair; I like Aussie’s Opposites Attract Styling Mousse, especially at the roots. Blow dry straight up to add volume and texture (you don’t even need a brush!). To create the height on top and the smooth tight sides, you will need to create 2 ponytails. First pull the sides smooth and low into a ponytail. Then loosely tease the top (only in a downward motion) and secure into another ponytail. Twist hair from both ponytails together into messy bun and bobby pin in place.

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5 Responses to Aussie Hair Stylist Sarah Potempa’s Favorite New Year’s Eve Looks

  1. Trent

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Online Shopping Chick

    Great advice. Especially about washing your hair the day before as your hair will have much more “grip” to it and so much easier to style.

    Also, if you’re not so great at curling or blow drying don’t forget about Velcro rollers. Huge ones create lift at the roots and a mix of medium and small ones give great loose curls.

  3. Anna S.

    i am going for loose waves. my hair is wavy, but i cannot really play it up. not so good at hairstyling

  4. Tina

    I adore Gwenyth Paltrow’s look! So smooth and sexy!

  5. Tina

    The loose waves are very sexy too. I wish I still had long hair!

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