Review: Om Aroma Elixir de Beaute Champagne Facial Cleanser

om_aroma_elixir_de_beauteSo maybe you are not one to pop the champagne on New Year’s Eve, but how about some champagne of the beauty kind? Om Aroma has a three-step anti-aging skin care system to keep skin looking luminous and their Elixir de Beaute Champagne Facial Cleanser is a wonderful exfoliating treatment with crushed champagne grapeseeds destined to sweep away the impurities of 2008. Ok maybe not all of the impurities you sustained in 2008, but at least your skin will look great!

Also infused with Mother-of-Pearl, this facial exfoliator will stimulate circulation and revitalize the skin. I used it about 3 times a week to keep the dry skin at bay. It was definitely gentle enough that using it that often did not dry out my skin. Om’s facial cleanser is organic and contains other skin softening ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil and olive oil.

Elixir de Beaute is the first step in Om Aroma’s Luxe FACE Collection, the other two steps include a White Truffle Face Cream and a Caviar Eye Cream. How indulgent does that sound? Champagne, Truffles and Caviar–sounds like heaven to me. Check it out at

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4 Responses to Review: Om Aroma Elixir de Beaute Champagne Facial Cleanser

  1. Anna S.

    i love the champagne and i know that grapeseeds are very popular in skincare now…. By the way, if you like the scent of champagne in your bath products- Magic Hand Works on Etsy has the best soap called Champagne, scents my entire bathroom

  2. Anna S.

    ohh love caviar so much… this post makes me hungry!

  3. Tina

    I have lots of impurities that need to be swept away! I like the idea of grapeseeds as exfoliators,

  4. Tina

    Caviar Eye Cream sounds like something a celebrity would use!

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