Beauty Interview: Jane Train of M80

jane_train_m80A little over a month ago a good friend of mine invited me to go see local band M80, an out of this world 80’s cover band (all my friends know I heart the 80’s!), with vocals co-lead by Jane Train and Bryan Harmony. I was completely mesmerized. Not just because they blew me away musically, but because I noticed right away that Jane had a gift for the way she does her makeup. She’s gorgeous already, but she amplifies it with this awesome eyelash trick she does to create the facade of long, beautiful lashes. I decided a fun interview was in order to get the scoop on how Jane achieves such a stunning look.

Shannon: Can you recall the first time you bought your first beauty product?
Jane Train: Well since I was wearing makeup before I was working…lol…I gather I “borrowed” my mom’s makeup. Maybe she bought me some. I was probably in 7th or 8th grade. I was definitely wearing it in 8th grade. I don’t remember the brand names, but Maybelline eye shadows and mascara have been an old friend of mine. That’s all I wore back then…eyeshadow & mascara. I miss those days.

Shannon: If you were restricted to only have 5 products in your makeup bag, what would they be and why?
Jane Train: Foundation (Borghese or L’Oreal) for those lovely “flaws” that appear later in life. Eyebrow Pencil-I have a good natural arch, but my eyebrows disappear against this super red coiff that I have. Pencil Eyeliner– good for day & night. Lip liner-can’t live without it. I love big full lips, even if the rest of me is falling apart. Blush-I can’t even believe that I am half Italian. I am the palest Italian I know! I tan here & there just to look like I have circulation and the blush helps! Eye shadow-I like dramatic eyes for stage and I like defined eyes for day. I like Maybelline, but shop more by the color I like. Most of my pencils are from Wet ‘N’ WildCVS style!jane_train

Shannon: Do you have a beauty routine that you keep to that keeps your skin looking as youthful as it does?
Jane Train: Why, thank you! I’m not going to lie, my mother looks really young and has good skin, so I have a genetic advantage. But I do break out here and there and my mother never really had that. I prefer to wash my face with Cetaphil. It’s a liquid soap that does not contain any perfumes or anything harmful. Sometimes I use Noxema. Proactive is wonderful. If you do that routine, you’re skin will look great. I fully endorse it. As a rule I never go to sleep with any makeup on. That goop sitting on your face at night is the worst thing you can do no matter how high end your makeup is. Give your skin a chance to breath. If you’re worried about what your partner will think having to wake up next to you keep your eye makeup on and use a little lip gloss on your lips! I should moisturize more. Actually, I’m going to go do that right now…

jane_train_beauty_eyelashesShannon: I absolutely love how you create the look of very long lashes with your eye makeup, can you tell my readers how you do this?
Jane Train: That’s very new addition to my stage makeup routine and I’m proud to say that I made it up! I like it so much that I’m starting to wear it out at night even when I’m not with M80. I take liquid eyeliner and line my eyes like usual, then I paint thin lashes up as high as I want them AFTER I have put my eyeshadow on. I have gotten so many compliments on this.

Shannon: If a beauty addict walked into your bathroom, which 3 brands would she notice you have the most products from?
Jane Train: I think if a beauty addict walked into my bathroom–she’d walk right back out and probably drag me to a store! If I had to name three it would be L’Oreal (LOVE their Voluminous mascara), Wet ‘n’ Wild and Bath & Body Works.

If you are local here in Northeast PA, be sure to check out M80’s schedule via their MySpace page (you won’t regret seeing them!) Jane has also done some acting appearing in Sex & The City, Law & Order, Ugly Betty, 30 Rock, Six Degrees, Hitch, The Devil Wears Prada, School for Scoundrels, Reign Over Me, Sex & The City Movie and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.  Have you seen M80 or love the way Jane does her makeup? Leave a comment and show some love!

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  1. Donna

    Great piece!! Love it.

  2. Tina

    She has the most beautiful porcelain skin!

  3. Anna S.

    She has the same favorite brands as i do- I love L’Oreal mascaras, WetnWild shadows (their 5.99$ palettes are the best investment for makeup) and BBW- i always hunt through their sales

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