Happy 7th Birthday Connor!

pork-thinks-im-crazyDear Porkchop,

I cannot believe you are turning 7 today. I feel like it was only yesterday that it was that Sunday afternoon after church eating Burger King and suddenly realizing it was time to head to the hospital. I know I tell you every year, but me, daddy and Gavin were so excited for you to arrive. From the beginning you were our little Porkchop when you came into this world at 8.5lbs. (Yeah mom could not believe that either!) 

You have turned into an incredibly imaginative child who is fearless in all things. You are not afraid to try new things whether it is eating mom’s latest dinner creation to jumping on your snowboard and teaching yourself the ropes. You have this wonderful sense of adventure that it so inspiring to me and I love seeing the world through your gorgeous crystal blue eyes. The animated way you tell a story or your beautiful p1010061smile when you feel a sense of accomplishment are all things I love about you. My heart bursts with pride every time I look at you. When I don’t think I could possibly love you anymore, you surprise me with a wink or a random hug and it makes me want to cry. I love you so much Connor.

Happy 7th birthday my second born baby.


Ps. One day you will get over the fact that I did not name you Anakin Skywalker. Promise.

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2 Responses to Happy 7th Birthday Connor!

  1. Tina

    Awwww……so adorable! Thank goodness you DID NOT name him Anakin Skywalker!

  2. Anna S.

    sweet kid :) he must really love star wars :) when i was his age i also argued with my mom- why did she name me Anna and not some exotic name

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