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butter_london_pedicure_beautyIt is sandal weather my friends and I don’t know about you, but I cringe when I see people out and about with calloused, cracked, dry heels and unkempt toenails with the polish chipping off. Consider your feet an accessory to your wardrobe and make them look great! I’ve previously reviewed butter LONDON’s nail lacquer, so I am excited that they have launched a new pedicure collection. Feet will now officially be fabulous (and sexy!)

Powder Finish Foot Creme (Dry Creme for feet): Imagine a product that contains the same active ingredient found in your anti-perspirant, infused into Shea and Cocoa butter. Add a touch of Camphor for cooling, some Triclosan to prevent microbial growth, and you are looking at one special foot creme. This miraculous Powder Finish Foot Creme instantly hydrates, yet leaves a soft, powder finish to help keep your feet dry and odorless. You may never wear socks again!

Stiletto Stick (Hydrating Heel Balm): Extremely dry, cracked heels are difficult to treat, since most products are heavy, greasy and not at all shoe-friendly. With Stiletto Stick, your heels will benefit from both a high Urea content and Macadamia Nut Oil, keeping heels silky, soft, and never greasy, due to the unique “solid formula.” Genius! It’s the easiest way to heal your heels.

Pumps (Energizing Foot Spray): Spritz puffy, tired, overworked legs and feet with Pumps! This energizing foot spray tightens and revives feet, while helping to reduce swelling, stimulate blood flow, and deodorize. The combination of Caffeine and Menthol constricts blood vessels in the legs and feet to tighten and “de-puff”, while simultaneously cooling and refreshing. Added Triclosan prohibits bacterial growth, leaving the treated area clean and fresh.

Silk Stockings (Finishing Gel): Not just a pretty pair of legs? Well they can be now! Silk Stockings is a luscious, light-reflecting gel that will glamorize your gams and hide any blemishes. Contains marine biology, multiple plant extracts and added Collagen to detoxify, lift, and smooth your pins. This shimmering gel firms and smooths skin leaving legs bright and flawless.

Rock Off (Callus Remover): Filing your heels may tone your arms, but does little to control hard, thick, yellowing soles. Enter Rock Off, butter LONDON’s hit callus remover that effortlessly breaks down stubborn dead skin cells. Rocks are for fingers not feet! This product will ensure you have supple soles throughout the year! Use with butter LONDON’s double sided foot file.

You can find it all at www.butterLONDON.com

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4 Responses to butter LONDON New Pedicure Collection

  1. Leann

    I laughed at your first sentence b/c a girl in my grad class yesterday was wearing flip flops and her toes were all nasty! She needs this stuff desperately!

  2. Shannon

    I was thinking of the lady standing in line in front of me at the post office when I wrote that. lol.

  3. Anna S.

    i am an avid open toe and sandal wearer throughout all season so i have to pay extra attention to my feet condition… i like the idea of a foot spray because it is quick and easy. with so many lotions and creams i have to use them as an overnight treatment- with spray it is so much quicker!

  4. Tina

    I am smitten with butter London nail polish -excellent quality- so I know this would be great! I’m afraid my heels would revolt you- my nails are quite nice but my heels are dry. I must pledge to take better care of my feet! I tried the ped egg but lost patience with it! lol

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