Review: April Rain Night Rainew Wrinkle Cream

april_rain_night_rainewGuest beauty review by Morgan Siler:

I had my doubts. Anything with a tag line that includes “wrinkles” and “away” is cause for skepticism. I’m still not 30 yet, so I take offense to even the slightest suggestion that I need a wrinkle cream. But the truth is, I’ve wanted one, because though my forehead has always had lines, this year they seem to have gotten deeper and the slightest hint of crows feet have appeared at the creases of my eyes. I blame my son, who is now 2.5 going on 14.

When April Rain Night Rainew with Hydropeptide arrived, my roomate and I were having a glass of wine in the living room. We studied the packaging and flipped through the thick brochure. If we were Sex and the City characters, she, cynical and smart, would be a Miranda and I, idealistic and hopeful, would be a Charlotte. “I can’t stand it when cosmeceutical companies talk to us like we are idiots,” she said, still perusing the material. “You expect me to believe that this stuff really provides ‘the key to unlocking younger skin’? And that I can just dab it on before bed and ‘dream wrinkles away?”

She scoffed. And I scoffed too, in solidarity. Nothing is as good as it claims…Or maybe it is?

I decided to put my friend’s cynicism behind me and pass no judgement on this fancy wrinkle cream before I tried it myself.  I’m a sucker for science and good news and what I read sounded hopeful: “Night Rainew’s exclusive HydroPeptide has the highest potency of clinically concentrated peptides proven to help stimulate collagen growth and slow deterioration.”

And this sounded intriguing:

“HydroPeptide mimics the effects of venom in the Temple Viper. In the case of Night Rainew, this is a very good thing because fine line and wrinkles due to overactive facial muscles are reduced.”

For 30 days after I brushed my teeth, I opened up the pretty purple rain-drop shaped container and rubbed a nickel sized amount on my forehead, face and neck. The more I used it, the more I realized I liked it. It was definitely hydrating, my skin held a glow even by the next morning. What I loved the most about April Rain Night Rainew was that even though it was such a thirst quencher for my skin, it did not clog my pores or feel greasy. I usually break-out in my T-Zone, especially using heavy moisturizers, but I haven’t had a single break out using this product.

What about the wrinkles? Their clinical studies reported a decrease of 52% of stubborn forehead wrinkles, and an overall reduction of 63% of fine lines. I do think my own forehead wrinkles have softened and the crows feet have shrunk. Overall the area around my eyes feels firmer.

I love my cynical roomate, but I’m glad I’m still the hopeful, optimistic kind of a girl who is willing to give new cosmeceuticals a fair chance, even when their strong claims of younger looking skin seem hard to believe. I’m going to tell her the April Rain Night Rainew has shown itself worthy, in my own personal 30 day trial. Maybe coming from me, her trusted friend, it will be more believable than the quotes from the doctors on the packaging.

One thing is for sure: You don’t want to give up on a great find for a collagen boosting wrinkle cream too early…even if you aren’t 30 yet.

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4 Responses to Review: April Rain Night Rainew Wrinkle Cream

  1. Shannon

    Morgan, using anti-wrinkle creams prior to 30 is totally key because you are being preventative. I swear to the heavens that my grandmother and mom look as young as they do because they had been taking care of their skin early on.

    And I totally love that your review was done with such great story telling. xx

  2. marina

    Seriously great story telling. I don’t know if it was the cream or the story that kept me reading, but now I definitely have to try this. Sounds amazing. Have you tried their day cream?

  3. Anna S.

    i am not 30 yet, but i easily panick over wrinkles- i found one under my eye when i turned 25… since then i have tried so many items but nothing seems to give immediate results. I also have a similar problem of acne prone skin- so many heavier creams make me break out. nice to know there are some creams out there that work for a younger skin that has some wrinkles and some acne as well

  4. Tina

    My 76 yr. old mother uses this and her skin looks marvelous- at least 10 yrs. younger than her age!

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