Review: Molton Brown Purify Ambrusca Body Tonic

molton_brown_purify_ambrusca_body_tonicHave you ever had the experience where you’ve heard rave reviews about a brand that you have never tried their products before and then once you did, it was like an “aha” moment of “Oh so this is what everyone is talking about“? Yeah that was me this week when I finally, yes finally, discovered Molton Brown’s Purify Ambrusca Body Tonic.  All of my beauty blogging friends have squealed in delight over Molton Brown’s beauty products for as long as I can remember and now I know why.

Right off the bat, I love the fact that this body lotion contains Argan extract. As forecasted in an earlier post by myself and Pierce Mattie, Argan oil is going to become a major skin care ingredient that we will see more of this year and into next. It tones and tightens skin and has done wonders for my complexion in the past, so I am thrilled to apply a body lotion that contains it as well.

Not only will the Ambrusca Body Tonic re-energize your skin, but it’s fragrance is so relaxing. It smells like a light perfume that is pretty and spa-like. Quite honestly, I can’t even describe this scent, so if you have used it, by all means please post a comment. All that I can tell you is that when I apply this lotion these words come to mind: warmth, comfort, soothing, relaxation and zen.

Aside from how the fragrance effects you on an emotional level, this body tonic makes your skin feel like silk. I kid you not. So say goodbye to dull winter skin and hello to vibrantly healthy arms and legs.

It’s a little pricey at $39 for 6.6 oz., but I’d say well worth the cost:

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7 Responses to Review: Molton Brown Purify Ambrusca Body Tonic

  1. Lily Mathilda

    Wow, sounds absolutely decadent.

  2. Suzy

    I had a similar, “So, this is what everyone is talking about!?” moment a few months ago. I was dining at a local resort and discovered Molton Brown hand soap and lotion in the ladies room. The soap didn’t do much for me and I had to wonder what everyone was so ga-ga about — and then I tried the hand lotion. Oh, my! It took every ounce of strength not to ask everyone of my dinner-mates to “smell my hands” when I returned to the table… Yummy.

  3. Anna S.

    i am a little confused how do you use body tonic? i understand if it was a face tonic, use with cotton ball on clean ckin. but a body tonic- is it a body wash, or do you apply it as a lotion and wait for it to dry?

  4. Shannon

    It is a very very thin lotion. So you only need to use your hand! :)

  5. Anna S.

    lol, i think i confused toner and tonic…. it makes sense now!

  6. Tina

    I have heard lots of good things about argan oil!

  7. Vanessa Flores

    In the winter my hands itch so bad. I have yet to find a cheap brand of lotion that helps. I apply lotion and it burns more than it itches. So maybe this is the lotion I am, looking for. If I can afford it.I was told to apply the lotion after your hands are wet. Will this help ? Can anyone help?

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