Review: Clarisonic Skin Care System (Men’s Grooming Version)

20090622-clarisonic-skin-care-system-for-menWith the continued growth of the men’s grooming market some people place it at billions of dollars, and it continues to grow (as seen in this report), it just made sense to have a guy’s perspective on A Girl’s Gotta SpaAnd, why? Because women want us well-groomed, to smell nice and look nice. And, well, we’re not all that swift (well, I am).

So, as Shannon is a friend and I’m a total product whore, I thought who better to write it than me? But, I also thought wait, I’m not gonna do this in my real name so I’m doing it in a pseudonym: Zeke Samuels. Yes, there is some thought behind the name. No, I won’t share it.

My review today is on the Clarisonic. I had been eyeing the Clarisonic product for the past few months, and finally took the plunge after a friend kept harassing me about it.

I love this device. While it’s not a travel product, I don’t care.  I go everywhere with it and use with my wide range of soap. And, I use it also as a shaver and I have a terrible beard.

Why do I love it so much? It deep cleans my skin. With its sonic technology and stuff, the revolving head does its little spin on my face with my chosen soap. I take it into the shower, lay it down in my shower caddy (one drawback where’s the little hole and string on the end, so I can hang it in my shower?), and charge it up once a week. The whole routine is like 30 seconds, I do the little circular wash like it says to in the instructions, and wash my face and neck.

And, it’s had an effect as my skin is clearer, women have told me the pores are smaller, and overall I look better. But, what’s better for me is that they also recommend that you use the Clarisonic as a shaving brush and I have. I bought a higher end shaving cream, and have begun using the Clarisonic as a shaving brush. As I have a thick beard and ingrown hairs, I hate shaving. And, while I still hate shaving, Clarisonic has made it a MUCH better process. I have a much closer shave, and while I still only shave every other day (I tell my bosses it’s per my dermatologist, which is true — 20 years ago), the shave is a lot closer than with other shaving balms and processes that I did prior.

That’s part of why I travel with the Clarisonic (plus for the shower face wash), but it was the shaving that pushed me over the edge. I just won’t shave without the Clarisonic shaving set-up.  It’s just that good.

Overall, if you’re looking for a product to buy your guy or you’re a guy looking for a great product,  you can’t do better than the Clarisonic. It’s a must-have for a man or woman. Have you tried it?

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8 Responses to Review: Clarisonic Skin Care System (Men’s Grooming Version)

  1. Anna S.

    i wonder what is the primary difference between men and women’s clarisonic except for color?

  2. Suzy

    I was at an AZ Spa Girls function a couple of weekends ago and ordered my Clarisonic (at an incredible discount!) and picked it up 2 days ago and used it for the first time last night! (had 2 facialists use it on me and fell in LOvE) I’m so thrilled. I was going to get hubby to try it anyways — and I’ll show him this write up — and I think we’ll have to invest in a “gray” one too as I think it will also solve many of his skin/beard issues, as well! (I got the pink) Oh, and when I ordered the pink, the gray one (men’s) was available and I was “told” there was no difference except for the color.

  3. Shannon

    Suzy you must know my friend Lisa then! She writes AZ Spa Girls…

  4. Jennifer C.

    I plan on buying one of these for my husband for Christmas! It will really help his skin and help him get a closer shave!

  5. Daphne

    Because of high gas prices
    We didn’t drive on a vacation
    So we hit our local gym
    (saving gas on our stay-cation.)

    We’ve made ‘spa cuisine’
    (healthy stuff to eat)
    and tried new ‘spa treatments’
    (we rubbed each other’s feet.)

    Hey! This Clarisonic System
    (one for her and one for him)
    would be the perfect ‘spa’ end
    to the perfect day…
    (after we hit the gym!)

  6. Tina

    I have one and I’m in love with it. My skin looks much better since I started using it – no more blackheads!

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