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20090727-mac-cosmetics-natural-flare-eyeshadowMAC Cosmetics newest makeup collection, Colour Craft, is an amazing palette of fall color goodness. Actually, so many of the colors in their eye shadow palettes made me think of clothes with those same colors that I’d like to wear this autumn. By far, my favorite eye shadow palette is Natural Flare (pictured. ) I tend to stick with “safe” colors…ie. neutral colors.  But I do know that the copper and gold in this palette can do amazing things for your eyes, especially those of us with hazel eyes.

Here’s another picture of the same palette in the bright sunshine. I wanted you to be able to see how reflective the shadows are, as I know some women have a 20090727-mac-cosmetics-colour-craft-natural-flarepreference of sparkle/shimmer vs. matte. I honestly am more of a matte eye shadow girl, who wants to look like a disco ball, right? However, I love the colors in this palette enough to be forgiving of the sparkle.

20090727-shannon-tweetingThe picture of me here is one taken by TheMakeupGirl while we ate dinner at rumjungle with some pretty fantastic people while at Cosmoprof North America. And by fantastic people I mean Kit Rogers, Jen of Mythbuster Beauty, the folks at Skin Care Rx and the founders of jeune d’age organics. I happened to be laughing at Lianne’s amusement that I was sending out a tweet regarding Kit saying I would look good as a platinum blonde (no way Kit!) Regardless, this was the only picture I could find where you could see Natural Flare on my eyes (if you click the image it will blow up bigger so you can see the shadow better.) Pretty, right? (Not me, the eye shadow! ha!) The best part is that this eye shadow didn’t crease and looked as good at 9pm as it did at 8am.

Check out Colour Craft and MAC Cosmetics’ other new collections Love That Look and Baby Bloom at

Photo Credit: (c) Shannon Nelson and cannot be reused without my permission.

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8 Responses to Review: MAC Cosmetics Colour Craft

  1. Styleezta

    have you tried odd bits? i just bought it. can’t wait to test!

  2. Shannon

    I haven’t, all the the tiny pieces looked messy. And having 4 boys spells disaster for makeup…

  3. Anna S.

    i have never been a great MAC fan (just never understood the hype), but this palette seems nice for all eye colors, not just hazel. I have dark green eyes, and often use similar shimmer bronze colors. And imagine that golden part on somebody with blue eyes- gorgeous!

  4. Jennifer C.

    I love these colors! I have green eyes and I like to use golden tones with my eye shadows!

  5. Tina

    The above palette is gorgeous. I have blue eyes and I think the golden shades would look great with them.

  6. Daphne

    Official shimmer shades for eyes,
    I’m SO glad MAC now makes it,
    (I’ve been using body shimmer
    lotion to fake it!)

  7. Tina

    I keep going back to these colors. They are so pretty!

  8. Vanessa Flores

    I try to play around with my eyes. I am just not into the bright colors. I like a natural look . I will sacrafice a dark eye lash though. It looks like these colors are well cordinated. I think they would make a great eye shadow to my collection.

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