Zoya Nail Polish Truth or Dare Collection


When I recently spoke at Cosmoprof North America, I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting Michael Reyzis aka “the mad scientist” behind The Art of Beauty, the brand known for Qtica and Zoya Nail Polish. I also got to meet their VP, Leo Reyzis, who is quite awesome by the way.  While there, I got to see their new nail polish collection for fall–Truth or Dare. 20090726-michael-reyzis-shannon-nelson

Truth are warmer colors with a bit of shimmer while Dare are cooler shades in creamy tones. As soon as I saw Envy from the Dare portion of Truth or Dare, my friend Michelle from All Lacquered Up immediately came to mind, as she loves the color green (am I right Michelle?!) I am more the girl who loves things that are shimmery and sparkly (except when it comes to putting anything on my face other than lip gloss), so I really love the look of Truth. Penny, for example, is a really great copper tone with shimmer–so pretty!

What do you think? Is there a color in particular that speaks to you for Fall? You can see the complete collection at www.ArtofBeauty.com

*Photo Credit: (c) Shannon Nelson; cannot be reused without permission from me.

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14 Responses to Zoya Nail Polish Truth or Dare Collection

  1. GloriaLeighD

    I love this collection, particularly the Dare colors! Thanks for the details and so cool that you got to meet the “mad scientist”

  2. Patrice

    Great collection of Zoya nail polish. I love the colors.

  3. chickdowntown.com-Ashley

    Love this nail polish, always a great finishing touch to a perfect outfit!

  4. Suzy

    I have never had an opportunity to try Zoya — I’ve got my eye on “Ilsa” — looks like it could be my go to dark red metallic, later, this fall… And, well, “Demi”, the pale purple looking creme, is calling to me, too! (maybe a good “transition” color!) LOL!

  5. Shannon

    The best part is that since I started using their color lock system, I noticed that my nails are harder, stronger and have had the ability to grow much longer. :)

  6. Anna S.

    i hardly ever use matter polish, but i am fascinated by the Dare collection. My favorites are Demi- a matte purple and Ibiza- an electric navy. I love darker colors for fall and winter.

  7. Suzy

    Now you make me want to know more about the “color lock” system, Shannon! I’m always looking for ways to make my natural nails stronger and harder and longer. Many years ago, L’Oreal made a base coat with Kevlar in it — yes, the bullet-proofing “stuff” — it was the BEST!

    Anyways, do you ever have trouble with nails that peel — the nails themselves, not the polish? If so, what have you tried that works, or doesn’t?

  8. Shannon

    Yes my nails have peeled and I just buff that part. Haven’t had that happen in a while though.

  9. Jennifer C.

    I like the Truth line of polish! I rarely sport blues or greens in my polish!

  10. Daphne

    From all that I’ve seen
    in each new magazine
    the HOTTEST nail color this fall
    is the COOLEST—

    (And it looks like Zoya’s got it!)

  11. Tina

    During the recent Zoya promotion, I got Demi, Pinta and Ciara for free! I just paid $7 shipping and they are all beea …u.. ti ..ful!

  12. Vanessa Flores

    Whhen you said putting shimery stuff on your face is something you do not like to do, it brought someone to mind. My sisster in law. For some reson she enjoys to put the brightest shimering colers on her eyes. To me I think I am more of a natural person. To much, Is to much! I have to say that to each their own. I like to experiment with nail colors. half here and half there . I like my nails to be noticable from across the room.

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