Get Your Brows into Tip Top Shape


As we all know eyebrows can dramatically change your look and enhance your appearance when shaped correctly. Ideally it is best to have your brows professionally shaped. But on a daily basis your brows need to be kept up in between waxing and shaping sessions. The best way to do this is with a brow kit. There are plenty of brow kits out there. Our favorite kits include some kind of gel or shaping wax, a highlighter, and also a powder or pencil to fill in the shape…

The Smokin’ Eyes kit from Benefit ($36 at Ulta) includes everything you need to get dramatic sultry smoky eyes in addition to fabulous brows. It contains three eye shadows as well as a liner, brow shaping wax, mini tweezers and an angled/fluffy brush. I love the compact that this set comes in – small enough to keep me organized and it will fit in my slimmest clutch handbag. From the eyebrow guru herself, Anastasia’s mini brow kit includes a sampling of favorites including a highlighter, tweezers and a clear brow gel. Again perfectly mini sized to keep in your makeup bag for daily maintenance if you are lucky enough to book an appointment with Anastasia Soare herself in Beverly Hills. The Anastasia Mini Brow Kit ($25 at Nordstrom). For brows that need a bit of conditioning therapy the Billion Dollar Brows Brow Babe Kit ($45 at includes a treatment for over-plucked and thin eyebrows. Included in the kit is a “Brow Boost” deep conditioning treatment which will help to restore undernourished eyebrows. The brow powder and brush will help to fill in brows to give a natural brow line shape. Also included is a gel to keep brows smooth and in place while giving them a radiant glow. For mineral makeup enthusiasts, you’ll love the Bare Escentuals bareMinerals Essential Brow Kit ($32 at Sephora ). The bareMinerals kit inlcudes a mineral brow color available in various shades and a tube of finishing gel.

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Guest beauty post by my friends at TheFind.

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21 Responses to Get Your Brows into Tip Top Shape

  1. Brandy Machowski

    My eyebrows probobly need to be filled out and reshaped from years of plucking top and bottom of the brow. Which kit would be best for me to use to do this?

  2. Styleezta

    I’m loving that Benefit eyebrow/eyeshadow kit. I am running out of my smashbox one :( i only use two colors out of the 3 so I don’t think I’ll get it again. Thanks for your post!

  3. Shannon

    To be honest, I love Benefit…but my favorite is Anastasia. She is the foremost expert in brows and has the best kits.

  4. Anna S.

    I had sample of Anastacia stuff and it was pretty good, wish the sample bottle was bigger;) Right now I am into brow threading- and I must say I like it better than plucking or waxing (someone did a horrible job waxing my brows at the salon- one brow was bigger than the other!)

  5. Regina S

    I have never been able to use color on my eyebrows it always looks so fake. I now a lot of people use eyeshadow.

  6. Suzy

    I struggle with my eyebrows — I know they “frame” my eyes and I do look very different with thin vs. bushy brows. I finally have a shape and size that I like and a wax artist to maintain them that way. Whenever I try something like “filling them in” — they always seem to look too dramatic for me. I’ve tried a number of products. I just don’t want to end up having people “look” at my eyebrows and have yet to find the right balance… So, I think I’ll try the Anastasia “Brow Pen”, next… LOL.

  7. Shannon

    The Brow Pen is my favorite favorite favorite!

  8. penelope

    the only thing i do to maintain my eyebrows is wax them

  9. MsKianaluv

    Billion Dollar Brows Brow Babe Kit ($45 at … that looks interesting! Never heard of that product line before. Thanks for the intro to a new product. I’ve just started getting into shaping my brows…FINALLY…can’t believe I’ve been walking around with scragly brows for so long, but there are so many products out there to chose from.

  10. Tina

    I’ve always been troubled by the fact that my brows don’t have much of an arch- they are rather straight. I over -tweezed when I was a young lass and my brows never recovered!

  11. Jennifer C.

    I would love to try a brow kit – my brows are naturally fuller than most people, but it is hard to shape them symmetrically. I also hate it when wax leaves a red stripe under your brow after waxing!

  12. Daphne

    I’ve never given my brows much thought
    but reading this, I think I can make them look hot!

    Here’s to brow beauty,
    a new ‘zone’ for me.
    Will it make a difference?
    I’ll just have to see!


  13. Vanessa Flores

    I do not know how to shape my brows. I gave up after the third time of messing them up. i ended up once haveing to just shave them off and pencil them in. My husband tells me he likes my bush eye brow. I just think he does not like when i mess with them because they look worse when I mess with them. I took cosmetology in high school and they teach you how to shape them, but I guess I was not paying attention. LOL. maybe I should just let my husband do it.

  14. Vanessa Flores

    Ok some one once told me to draw in your eyebrow. I tried it and it did not work. I have also tried the measurement thing. I think my eyes are crooked . Maybe that is why I cant get it strait.

  15. Vanessa Flores

    I love bare minerals. I have found that it looks very natural. I do not get the caked on feeling, or look. Wonderful wonderfull. This is the only make up that i spend that much money on. It also does not break me out as bad as other make ups.

  16. Vanessa Flores

    Anna, what is brow threading, i could look it up but I guess this is what blogs are for .

  17. Anna S.

    it is Middle Eastern or Asian way of fixing brows, with a thread. a lady usually hold one end of the thread in her mouth (yes, it looks weird), and uses the other end to cut your brow hair. It stings, but not as much as plucking. and you can do it once a month- for 5-10 dollars.

  18. Deb Klein

    That brow Kit looks like something I could use as I tried to pluck my eyebrows one time and O U C H that hurt so bad that I couldn’t finish the other eye :)

  19. Vanessa Flores

    Anna. I am still trying to picture it. I guess it is not something that you can do by yourself. So is it actually pullling the hairs out ? Were would you get something like that done?

  20. Heather M

    I have so much trouble with my brows because of a bare spot. What do you guys recommend?

  21. Heather M

    Vanessa I also was wondering about this.. so I checked it out on the web. I hope this is okay… I guess it will get moderated out if it is not, but I found this girl who does threading on her brows herself on youtube….. It is really neat check it out.

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