Luxurious Skincare: Organic Apoteke Buttermilk Cleanser


I am a fan of all natural skincare products and I try to use ones with organic based ingredients in my daily cleansing regime. I am always searching for an excellent milky cleanser that goes on quickly and gets the job done without drying my skin. I recently found the Buttermilk Cleanser from Organic Apoteke and I am hooked. The cleanser has the faint scent of roses (Damask rose oil) and the silky smooth texture is pure luxury. I often cleanse my face with the Buttermilk Cleanser in the late afternoon when I need a little pick-me-up. It leaves me feeling refreshed and ready for an evening out. My face feels amazingly clean and smooth afterwards and most traces of makeup are removed. I do need to use a bit of Shu Uemura cleansing oil to remove my mascara though.

The buttermilk cleanser removes impurities as it gently exfoliates. It also leaves a slight redness or ‘blushing’ effect or healthy ‘glow’, which is caused by the stimulating microcirculation which means that oxygen and nutrient rich blood is flowing through my skin. This circulation is supposed to carry away toxins in the skin leaving your skin youthful and luminous at any age.

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Guest beauty post from my friends at TheFind.

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  1. Robin @

    I don’t know what it is about the term “cleansing milk” that just sound so good! I just started using 100% Pure cleansing foam in Lavender Honey and while I adore the scent and purity of the product, to me a foam just doesn’t cleanse as well as say a cream or a milk. I will definitely try this product as I only use safe, non-toxic products.

  2. penelope

    that product sounds so spa-ish

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