Men’s Grooming: Review of Shaver’s Choice

In this men’s grooming review, I talk about Shaver’s Choice Slick Shave Gel and Smooth Skin Therapy. You can find these products at

This segment was shot on location at Madison Florist in Brooklyn, NY.

*If you are interested in having us shoot our reviews at your location, please email Shannon for more details.

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3 Responses to Men’s Grooming: Review of Shaver’s Choice

  1. Michael Van Velkinburgh

    Thanks! We are releasing our women’s shave gel (Sleek! Shave Gel) in January. Enjoy your shave Nando – and use less Skin Therapy if it is heavy – a little bitty bit is all it takes. But yes, it is great for heels, elbows, or any other problem dry spot.

  2. nandoism


    The women are going to go crazy for this product! It’s wonderful–and great tip on the Skin Therapy…will try it out. But my feet are feeling soft and loved!

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