Pearson Knight’s Recap of Fashion Week SS10 Hairstyle Trends

argentina_pearson_knight So I landed in NYC for Fashion Week just a few days after returning to the country. I had been in Bali, Indonesia, for 3 months consulting, training, styling and launching a brand new salon for the talented supermodel/actress Navia Nguyen. The lobby has a fresh juice bar, music and internet while the salon is high energy and decorated with hair stations and pedicure chairs with screens playing Fashion TV. The upstairs is a completely different vibe with two wet rooms for spa scrubs, showers, couple massage room, multiple massage tables, facial and waxing rooms and an amazing staff. The salon is called Amo Beauty and Spa and is a must if traveling to Bali.

Ports 1961ports1961_pearson_knight
I went straight from the plane completely jet lagged to Ports 1961’s studio to do the test looks for the show. It was great to lead their show and see the Ports team again. I have worked with them the last few seasons and get inspired by and with them. This season the look was very constructed, sleek, and profound. The inspiration was Japanese for her collection so we wanted the hair up and expose the beauty of the neck. The collection, hair and makeup were very strong in unison. We took the top section of the hair and secured it out of the way. Then we took the sides and back into a ponytail and then a braid. The braid was placed back and forth flat against the head and pinned to create a square anchor. The top section was the backcombed and smoothed bringing it seamless with the side, brought over the braid, and then tucked under into the braid. We wanted gradual volume starting at the forehead building through the shape. I feel it looked strong and elegant on the runway with Tia’s collection.

jason_wu_ss10_hairJason Wu
My next favorite and new beat on the street, is Jason Wu. It was amazing to work with him and the team. The venue was beautiful and the hair fun to achieve. I would say it was a great show. Jason’s runway look for SS10 was rich with texture and materials so the look created was one that was a sculpted, voluminous chignon with a sheer black ribbon woven into the hair. This resulted in a look that was both feminine and elegant yet had an “edge” to it.


Alright you would think that maybe out of 6 seasons with Rodarte I would know what to expect or may be disappointed at some point. The sisters have out done it again! And I cannot forget to mention Odile Gilbert who created the look for the hair. This hairstyle was created with only a blow dryer and textured with volumizing tonic, pure abundance hair potion and air control from Aveda. We brought all the hair back giving the front strength. Then the back was structured flat and wide with texture into a tail. The finishing touch was lacing the look with torn black wool. The runway light and smoke were quite the touch that made this the most exciting for me. After the show I went to the sister’s studio to style their hair for the after party and was able to get a second look at the detail involved in the clothes……insane!

The Argentina show was tons of fun. I love working with Jon Reyman the talent and creator of This show was in the tents and packed backstage with press and models. There were 4 looks for this show and 45 models. It was really high energy and a great team. Some of the looks involved braids, some chignons and some super textured side ponytails. The collections were diverse and it made the show extremely fun to work on.

This Spring/Summer season had quite a bit of hair accessories woven into different versions of chignons. I think spring is a time for newness and feeling fresh and throwing that hair up in a constructed way. Incorporating some accessories is a great way to express that feeling! My favorite this Fashion Week was destroying Andrea Lustig from Glamour Magazine’s headband to braid it into the chignon we created for her to attend the NY Philharmonic Opener. All in all it was a great season with great teams and talent again.

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