Review: MAC Cosmetics Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask

mac_cosmetics_volcanic_ash_exfoliator_maskAbout a year ago MAC Cosmetics debuted its Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. It was love at first sight. I milked that puppy for so long because I just never wanted to run out. The downside was the packaging, which MAC has now remedied by revamping it in their Style Black collection in a tube (it was previously in a jar.) In addition, they’ve debuted their limited edition Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask. It’s been getting quite the buzz among my beauty friends and for good reason.

The Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask is a paste-like mask that heats up on your skin when it comes into contact with water. So cleanse your skin first, leaving it moist before applying the mask. The mask is thick and shiny and my sons got a kick out of thinking I looked like patent leather. The mask doesn’t dry on your face and after a while you don’t even notice the heat, which is not at all uncomfortable by the way. For a moment I had thought the mask stopped heating my face until I washed it away and instantly felt the cold Pocono air hit it.

Your skin is not only going to feel remarkably clean, but incredibly soft as well.

*Photo Credit: (c) Shannon Nelson

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