A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Beauty Blog Celebrates 4 Years

A girl's gotta spa!_2005It was on October 26, 2005 that A Girl’s Gotta Spa! came to life. At the time I was a bath & body rep. for Country Bunny Bath & Body (hence the name on my blog was “LotionBarBunny” so I could be anonymous…which obv. makes me laugh now.) I found a picture of what my blog originally used to look like back in 2005 and it is pretty pathetic. Oh what it was like to be a beauty blogger back in the day.

What I didn’t know back then was that this blog would change my life and in so many ways that I could not have ever imagined. I was found and hired by a PR firm because of it, I was hired by b5media to launch and write Makeup Minute (which I only recently resigned from in January and the super fab Dina Fierro took over for me), I became a social media consultant to many awesome beauty brands because of it, I have traveled and been a guest speaker at beauty industry events due to it, have met celebrities, 100_0428gone to Fashion Week and have met and made some of the most wonderful friends I could ever ask for. The girl who signed up for her Blogspot.com account back in 2005 would have never dreamed that she would be where she is now just from starting a beauty blog.

So this year I decided I would put together a party in New York City to celebrate and what resulted was a rain drenched evening of fabulous friends and some awesome fun to toast 4 years of beauty blogging. And I think you will understand my joy and my love for this blog and all of you, simply by the fact that throughout this video all you see is me smiling and laughing. I don’t think it could’ve been captured any better. That is me, that is my personality and I am so glad that translated beyond the words I could write here…

There are pictures on the Facebook A Girl’s Gotta Spa! fan page, so be sure to check it out! And of course, there always has to be “behind the scenes” scoop to be talked about. I never realized I had the whole Drew Barrymore mouth thing going on when I spoke until I saw this video. Hmm.

Many many thanks to the brands who sponsored this event in order to make it happen!

Title sponsor: Moroccanoil
Sponsors: Lierac, Lisa Hoffman Skin Care, Travertine Spa, Marie Louise Cosmetics, Chella, Sue Devitt, Rodan + Fields.

Thank you to WINK Eyelash for hosting the party, Tawny Ong for her out of this world desserts and Cowgirl Catering for their amazing palette of delicious food! Thank you to my special guests Abiola Abrams, Davide Torchio, Scott Catto and Chad Hayduk. Thank you Nando for being such an amazing friend and sidekick!

But most of all thank you to YOU for sticking with me for 4 years and reading along. From the bottom of my heart, I love you all.

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Shannon began A Girl's Gotta Spa! beauty blog in 2005 to morph her love of beauty and in educating women on what truly works and what does not. She has been featured in Glamour, VOGUE Australia, Woman's World, Nail Pro, SHAPE and on WBRE's PA Live. She is a go-to source for social media consulting when it comes to beauty brands.

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  1. Coniqua

    Wow! Just today I was dreaming up what I might do for my 1 year blogaversary (which mind you is about 5 months away). Reading about how far you’ve come is inspiring and I’ll surely be checking out the photos on your FB page.

  2. Anna S.

    Congrats on the Anniversary!

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