Sephora Opens in Dickson City, PA, Inc.I have long awaited the day that Sephora would come to Northeast PA. Waited.with.baited.breath. So a few months ago while shopping in the Viewmont Mall at one of my favorite stores, JCPenney (love to buy A.N.A clothes there), I almost passed out when I saw the sign that read “Sephora–Coming Soon.” Hold onto your wallet, Shannon, hold onto your wallet.

I tweeted about it, posted about it on the Facebook fan page and daydreamed about finally being able to shop for both my favorite beauty brands and favorite clothes all in one place. And naturally, being a beauty blogger for the last 4 years, I wanted to pop in and talk to the Sephora team and take some pictures to show to all of you–an inside scoop/behind the scenes if you will. So Saturday night I drove over and walked in with the biggest eyes you have ever seen. To me it was like Charlie walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. I felt like I had just opened the chocolate bar with the golden ticket.

It is well lit and colorful and most definitely much cleaner than their New York flagship location. There were women excitedly looking at the products and one getting her makeup done by the Assistant Manager. I’m not sure if the Assistant Manager was an actual makeup artist, but I had hoped to see makeup artists from the different brands like Smashbox, Benefit and NARS there, just as they have at other Sephora locations (although not sure if they do this at Sephora Inside stores.) Maybe they will in the future, I would definitely be excited for that.

I don’t have any pictures to show you or inside scoop from the Sephora team though because they declined to let me take pictures or talk to me for this post. And actually when there in person and on the phone the next day, they kind of had a blow off attitude towards me. Now that, my friends, was the most disappointing of all.  I was told it was because they were inside of JCPenney and JCPenney doesn’t allow pictures. Which is fine, but paired with the way they came across, left it not sitting so right with me.

Naturally because I love Sephora I will be back there to buy my favorite beauty brands and you should too. If you have not yet had the chance to patronize the great Sephora, you must. It is quite honestly a beauty addict’s delight. It’s heaven on earth if you love everything beauty.

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2 Responses to Sephora Opens in Dickson City, PA

  1. Jasmine A

    Well I work for their competitor in Wilkes Barre and we are a very friendly group of gals who love to make the world beautiful one client at a time :)

  2. Anna S.

    I know what you mean- our first Sephora opened this year and I felt it was like walking into a candy store, so many things!

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