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Must-have: Zoya Color Lock System via @agirlsgottaspa

As a mom I can tell you that I chip nail polish like nobody’s business. Not to mention working at my computer all day typing away at the keyboard. Not only was my nail polish chipping within a day of applying it, but my nails were always splitting and cracking. I ended up throwing in the towel. I gave up. No more nail polish for me. Until I met Leo and Michael Reyzis of Art of Beauty at Cosmoprof North America. (Art of Beauty is the parent company to Zoya Nail Polish and Qtica.)

I had long heard my friend Michelle of All Lacquered Up talk about Zoya, but sometimes I have a tendency to read beauty reviews then get so busy that I forget all about a product. It’s a bad habit I need to break. So when Leo had the team at Zoya send me some polishes along with their Color Lock System, I was intrigued, but quite honestly expected my experience to be the same as with every other nail polish brand I had tried before.

Boy was I wrong

Zoya’s Color Lock System is made up of 6 products. And you may scoff at the $48 price tag, but let me clearly say right now it is worth the money. If you get nothing else out of this review other than knowing that, then I will have done my job in relaying the message that this kit is made of awesome. Made of awesome–and I don’t say that too often.


First, remove+ comes in a large spill-proof bottle. If you are a mom, how often do you buy a sippy cup that claims to be spill proof only to be sadly disappointed when there is a big juice stain on your white rug? Spill-proof? Not so much. But remove+ IS. The difference is that in order to get the nail polish remover to come out of the bottle you have to twist the cap and pump it. Twist it in the other direction and it locks. Plus it doesn’t have that acetone smell that most removers have. This alone scored major points with me. Combined with the fact that one swipe is all I needed to remove my nail polish, I decided that if remove+ was a man, I would want to marry it.

Anchor: This is your basecoat. I have to be honest, I always hemmed and hawed about basecoats and topcoats because it just seemed like extra work. So I would skip these steps but never put together the 2+2 of why my nails turned yellow all of the time.  I never claimed to be good at math. But not only did Anchor completely protect my nails from turning every shade of the rainbow, but my nails are much healthier because of it. No staining, no splitting and no cracking. I am now a believer.


At the time I tried the Color Lock System, it was only comprised of 4 products, so I can’t comment on Get Even or Renew. But in this new kit, Get Even is the next step with Renew being the final step.

Armour: This is your topcoat and is the miracle worker that prevents your polish from chipping and fading. If you are a fan of A Girl’s Gotta Spa! on Facebook, then you will have seen the pictures I post there of Zoya Nail Polish. I always remark that my polish lasted between 5-7 days. For being someone so used to having polish chip by the end of day 1, this is like wearing polish for an eternity. I love it!

Hurry Up: Michael Reyzis is pure genius for creating this product! He has the nickname of the “Mad Scientist” but honestly I would just like to call him brilliant. Hurry up is a dropper of liquid that you apply overtop Armour. It quickly dries your polish to help you avoid messing up all of that hard work. It works like a charm. If you are as busy as I am, this is a product you cannot be without.

Hands down, Zoya Nail Polish’s Color Lock System has been the best product system I have tried this year. And in case you didn’t notice, I review A LOT of beauty products! So run to www.zoya.com and change the way you view nail polish forever.

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