Review: Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath Hand and Foot Butter

lisa_hoffman_hand_and_foot_butterThe lake in front of my house is frozen over, the thermostat in my car said 12 degrees the other day and the cozy fire in my wood stove only tell me one thing…nope, not that Winter is here, but that it is the beginning of dry skin season. Chapped hands, chapped lips, flaky skin and cracked heels…I’m sure you know what I mean. Back in October I held my 4 Year Blogiversary party, for which Lisa Hoffman supplied attendees with her Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath Hand and Foot Butter. I felt now was the perfect time to put it to good use!   

The Hand and Foot Butter has this great press down dial to pump the lotion out. This means avoiding that “lotion clog” we often get when lotion dries in the hand pump, but also it means only dispersing the amount we need and not wasting any lotion.

The scent is heavenly.  Very clean and fresh. Almost like a water fragrance. The lotion is creamy in texture, but not greasy, and quickly absorbs into your skin. I put this lotion on my feet and then slap on some socks before bed. And as for my hands, they are baby soft. Glycerin and Shea Butter are the main ingredients, both known for their hydrating properties and make my skin feel like silk!

Have you tried it? It is available on Skin Store for about $35. (Note: this candle is no longer available.)

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