Makeover with Davide Torchio and Roberto Morelli

This is me before. Karen Robinovitz of Purple Lab had issued me a challenge: make yourself over into the sexy woman that you are. The full details of that challenge will be in my next post, but since my 5 hours spent with hair stylist Davide Torchio and makeup artist Roberto Morelli were so awe inspiring, I felt it deserved a post of its own.

So you remember my post about the transformation of Lance Bass, right? Well that is what I wanted for myself. I told Davide and Roberto that I grew up on makeover shows and hoping that one day someone could transform me into the swan I knew I was inside (which, sidebar: do you remember that reality TV show, The Swan? That show was crazy.)

Upon entering the salon I was greeted by Davide’s two puppies. Insanely cute and well behaved. Davide introduced me to Roberto Morelli, a big fan of his work but I was only meeting him for the first time. When he went to shake my hand, I decided a hug was in order instead. I mean, it’s not everyday that I get to be in the same room as someone with such enormous talent. I tell him, “So I hear you are a magician…” to which he smiles.Davide telling me how short my hair will be with Roberto looking on.

Davide introduces me to Tina Mulryan, the salon’s colorist, and the two discuss the right color for my hair. They decide on a chestnut brown with caramel highlights. Davide then tells me how he wants to cut my hair. I am always nervous to just let go of control over how I want my hair cut, however my friend Sarah over at StyleIT recently had her hair done by Davide as well and looked AMAZ; she had told me, “let him do whatever he wants,” so I left the decision in his capable hands–even when he said he was going to cut it a lot shorter. Yikes.

When you have long hair you are never prepared for the shock that comes when those scissors make their first big snip making it impossible to turn back. Davide was taking several inches off my hair giving me a modernized bob with it shorter in back and longer in front. My sister has this hair style, 100_0852so I knew it was pretty, but I am just so ingrained in my thinking that only long hair = beautiful (thanks Jennifer Aniston.)

As Davide makes the initial cut at the back of my hair his publicist, Nicole, snapped a picture. The way she looks at me after taking the picture told me that it was really short. But I remained calm because Davide is the kind of guy who can put anyone at ease.  Besides, it will grow back if I don’t like it, right?100_0862

After all of the cutting, Tina makes her way over to color my hair. She is incredibly nice. I was getting so relaxed that I almost fell asleep. It was also funny to see myself under a mound of tin foil. I told Tina and Davide that I looked like a modern day medusa.

Once I was done under the steamer, my hair was washed and my scalp massaged (I’m pretty sure I cat napped at this point) and Roberto was ready to work his magic. He told me he was going to give me a purple smoky eye and I was ecstatic. One of my best features are my hazel eyes and I know that hues of purple makes them pop. I’ve also never been able to figure out how to do a good smoky eye (my sister on the other hand is a different story.) As Roberto began to sculpt my face, I learned that he originally wanted to be a painter. His sister was a model at the time and he would experiment putting makeup on her. Then one day the makeup artist didn’t show up to her photo shoot and Roberto was asked to fill in–he was only 15! He also helped Lauren Hutton create her makeup line. And the rest is history!

100_0870I could watch my face transform into someone unrecognizable as Roberto moved about utilizing his makeup brushes as if they were paint brushes creating art on canvas. I was in awe of what I was witnessing. I honestly wanted to cry because I was so overwhelmed with who I was seeing looking back at me.  It may sound conceited to say, but I have always know that I am beautiful, but it took a master artist to really bring that out. Almost like when you see a plain Jane model suddenly morph into an amazing sight to behold.

When Roberto was happy with his work, then Davide went back to work on my hair, styling it and re-cutting the back. When he was done, I could not believe who I was looking at in the davide_torchiomirror. I told the team that I felt like I could leave the salon and walk right onto the runway. I’m pretty sure they had no idea how amazing my cut, color and makeup made me feel. 99.9% of the time I am just Shannon, mom to 4 of the most beautiful boys on the planet working my tail off to make ends meet–and the way I usually look says this so clearly (as evidenced by my before picture.) But on this day, I was serious business.  I felt like an entirely different person.

Davide, Tina and Roberto gave me an incredible gift on that Saturday afternoon. I could finally see myself. The real me. The woman I want the world to see. I look at these pictures and cry and think “Shannon you look amazing.” I cannot thank them enough.

Shannon Nelson makeover(From left to right: Davide Torchio, Roberto Morelli, Tina Mulryan and myself)

Be sure to stay tuned for my Purple Lab challenge post where you will see more pictures from this makeover.


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9 Responses to Makeover with Davide Torchio and Roberto Morelli

  1. Lisa Kennally -lisa ann skincare

    Very nice! What a fun day that must have been. I especially love the picture of you with your bangs away from your highlights your eyes better.

  2. Shannon

    Lisa, thank you and that’s so funny you say that about my bangs. My co-contributor Nando said exactly the same thing to me yesterday!

  3. Renee Rouleau

    Wow, Shannon!!! You deserved every bit of that pampering and you look so stunning!

  4. Silver Lips

    Shannon, your new look is gorgeous!!! Simply stunning!

  5. Shannon Nelson

    Thanks Renee and Nikkia!

  6. Michele (Mychel_)

    Hi Shannon,
    I enjoy reading your blog You look fabulous!!
    What fun!! I did not realize you had 4 boys.. this was well deserved.

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