Purple Lab Challenge: Operation Chic & Sexy

karen_robinovitzToday Karen Robinovitz, Creatrix of Purple Lab, is launching on HSN at 9am EST (and again at night 8pm EST.) Purple Lab epitomizes all things sexy and chic. My favorite being Huge Lips Skinny Hips, but I’m pretty sure Lashionista Modelista will quickly become my second favorite (I saw what amazing feats this lash growth-enhancing liquid liner/tubing mascara can do back in October when it was still all hush hush!)

Karen and I are in contact on a daily basis and about 2 weeks ago she issued me a challenge that I like to call: Operation Chic & Sexy (or she might call it Dramatic Makeup – Purple Lab NYC.) Regardless, she was sending along her only lab sample of Cheek Implants in 6 Inch Heels and I was already armed with my Huge Lips Skinny Hips in Worship Kate to help aid in this challenge. Now I just needed to find someone to do my hair, someone to do my makeup, find an event to go to and find an amazing date to show up with. I had my work cut out for me.Davide_Torchi-ShannonNelson-1

I tackled hair first. Davide Torchio has invited me into his salon many times, but the timing had never been right. In fact, I had sent Nando in my place once when he had his hair emergency. Without hesitation, Davide gave me an appointment time and I was excited to see what he had in store for me. After seeing what he and Roberto Morelli did for the Lance Bass photo shoot, I took a chance to see if Roberto would be willing to do makeup for a non-celebrity like myself. When Davide tweeted that Roberto agreed, I was over the moon. 

Hair and makeup, check! Purple Lab makeup, check! Dress (Ronni Nicole), check! Shoes (AK Anne Klein heels), check! Awesome accessories from Kate Spade, including her Gold Coast Elizabeth Handbag, Gumdrops Cluster Ring and Gumdrops Charm Bracelet; check! Event for the evening: NYFW Mixer, check! Now I only needed to find myself a handsome guy in New York City to be my date, but where to find one?

I didn’t have to look further than my Facebook inbox when my friend Pearson Knight let me know he was going to be doing hair at Fashion Week. I noticed that Jon Reyman of Beautyvt.com was also going to be around, so I inquired if they both would accompany me to the mixer–they agreed.

Below are some pictures from all that transpired to take on Karen for this challenge:

shannonnelson_laurenwatersThis was me at the start of my day with my friend Lauren who writes Second City Style.

davidetorchio-shannonDavide working his talent.

tina_mulryan_davidetorchiosalonTina Mulryan coloring my hair. I’m under there somewhere!

roberto_morelli_shannonRoberto, who is like magic.

Shannon Nelson makeoverThe finished product and my makeover team.

jon reyman pearson knight shannon nelsonShowing up to the NYFW Mixer with Jon Reyman and Pearson Knight.

nando rodrigues_shannon nelson
A Girl’s Gotta Spa! men’s contributor, Nando, and myself.

shannon nelson_nando_adina
Myself, Nando and Adina from Krasey Beauty.

And finally, me on the red carpet!

So Karen, I took on your Purple Lab challenge to make myself over into a chic and sexy woman and I’d like to proudly say: Mission Accomplished.


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