Fall/Winter 2010 Hair Trends Recap with Pearson Knight


As I’ve been doing for the last few seasons, I’ve asked celebrity hairstylist Pearson Knight to recap the hair trends he saw while working backstage at New York Fashion Week. For Fall/Winter 2010 Pearson recaps Ports 1961, Rodarte and Elisa Palomino. You can also find many more behind the scenes pictures on Pearson’s Facebook fan page.

Ports+1961+Backstage+Fall+2010 Pearson Knight

Well another solid season of show after show after show at NYFW Fall/Winter 2010. Some of my favorite friends, models, designers and teams make it all worth the insanity backstage. The week started out with testing at Ports 1961’s studio where we dialed in the look for the show. As I predicted last fall, the hair is moving a bit away from sleek/shine to big and textured. Ports 1961 and I pushed through an 80’s Perm look for the show. Backstage was insane as we had half the team due to the airports being closed because of a snowstorm. The rodarte pearson knightlook required very small curling irons, vertically placed and backcombed. On the runway it was wicked. We set the hair with Aveda’s Volumizing Tonic, Air Control and Aveda’s new strong spray Control Force set to launch this June. The collection, runway and looks were amazing. It was Vogue.com‘s first live feed show and can be seen there.

My next favorite is Rodarte, of course. I always look forward to the sisters. I think they are so amazing and talented. The runway presentation, collection, hair and make up are always so unique. This season they had high heels that lit up as the models walked, pretty fresh right? The hair was blown out with Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener then flat ironed. Then there were 3 rows of braids inside the look to act as an anchor for antique metal flowers to be placed. The P1050166hair was secured at the nape with hair pins to ensure a look that was very contour with the head and neck shape. We finished the look with Aveda’s Control Force. The looks were strong and I really get fired up for Rodarte every season.

Last but not least was Elisa Palomino. She is a long time veteran with Diane Von Furstenberg and has now released her own collection. It pearson knight elisa palominowas awesome! We used extension hair to achieve very big hair. We started setting the hair by alternating curling one section then crimping the next. We used Volumizing Tonic, Pure Abundance Hair Potion and Air Control. After systematically backcombing the sections and adding the extensions for bulk, we pinned it into place and added quite large flowers in the hair. The hair, make up, collection and venue had strong unison. The models looked like dolls. The hair was off the beaten path of typical runway hair so a lot of fun for me.

This season show a variety of color in the collections, diversity in the hair and creative vibe in the air. Any of these looks can be used, altered, toned down or experimented with at home. My suggestion would be to print out a picture and take it to your favorite stylist and ask how to re-create it! I always like to say, “Thanks!”elisa palomino nyfw 2010

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