I Have Baby Fine Hair, Which Hair Products Should I Use?

Best products to use for baby fine hair. #haircare #beautytips
I love getting your questions and we have yet another reader hair care question to tackle. For this particular question, I enlisted the help of Michele Dietz, hair care and color specialist at Pure Hair and Shave Studio in Calabasas, California.

“I have baby fine hair which has to be washed every single day or it looks flat, lifeless and greasy. I bought WEN cucumber aloe conditioning cleanser to specifically address the dry hair but oily scalp issues, since I do color my hair (myself) and the ends can be a little dry. I want volume and healthier hair, and the problem seems to be that healthy hair products are too heavy. I do blow dry my hair, but I rarely use any kind of hot iron on it. The WEN cleansing conditioner works okay for a short period of time, but then it leaves me flat and super greasy within a few hours. I wanted to love WEN and the no foam philosophy behind it, but I just don’t. Any suggestions?  Thanks–Laurie C., Rhode Island”

Michele’s answer:  

The true answer to this question is that you need a different hair care product (period), especially if after a few hours your hair is flat and super greasy. What you really need is a volumizing shampoo and conditioner for your color treated hair, and yes, it’s true, some of the “healthy hair” products are too rich. There are also products that have spray-in, leave-in conditioners that are not heavy that would be beneficial to you, as well. Also the fact that you say your hair is dry, but your scalp is oily could be that you are creating more oil on your scalp by over washing your hair. Many people think they have to shampoo their hair everyday, but they don’t really need to if they are using the right products.

For your type of hair, I would recommend Pureology Volumizing Shampoo with their color seal spray leave-in conditoner (smells amazing too!) Also use a volumizing mousse or root lift spray before drying your hair. Aveda’s Volumizing Shampoo and conditoner are also great products and they have a spray-in conditioner called Damage Control that is effective at detangling while adding shine without weighing the hair down at all. They also have an amazing root lift spray and mousse called Phollmollient (it is excellent!) Paul Mitchell’s volumizing products are good too, as well as Matrix Vavoom shampoo used with their Instacure leave-in spray. Other products I would recommend are Big, Sexy Hair and Tigi’s Catwalk Extra Strong Mousse.

Most of the products I mentioned don’t contain sulfates, parabens, SLS, detergents and so on. Hope this answers your question–good luck!

Do you have a beauty, skin care or hair care question? Please leave a comment and I will enlist the help of an expert to answer it.

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6 Responses to I Have Baby Fine Hair, Which Hair Products Should I Use?

  1. Alyson

    I’ve been doing my own research today and was considering WEN. Sooooo glad I came across this post. I have the same exact issues and look forward to trying something different. Thank you!

  2. Shannon Nelson

    Glad you found me Alyson! An educated consumer is a smart consumer is my motto.

  3. Emmanuelle

    Thank you for your suggestions, it is good to know that we are not alone having to deal with baby fine hair! I will definitely look into these products.

  4. Priscilla Crutchfield

    Miracle product I have found: Davines DeDe leave-in conditioner. I first saw it previewed on the today show and can’t live without it. Such a difference in hair texture. I ordered it online. It really works!

  5. Dee

    Hello, thank you for this site. I recently finished chemo and have thin, fine, frizzy hair. Do you have a product you could suggest? I also have oily scalp and dry ends, it is such a mess I am thinking of shaving my head
    Thank you

  6. Shannon Nelson

    Hi Dee, let me ask one of my hairstylist friends if they have any suggestions or tips for you…hang tight.

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