And the Winner of Mom: Get Glamorous is…

mom_get_glamorous_winnerCongratulations Gerry! Your daughter Jessica submitted an entry to Mom: Get Glamorous to nominate you for being the amazing mom you are! You have won $3170 worth of beauty and fashion products!

Name: Gerry Morrison
Age: 50
Children: Jessica (25), Jarrod (24), Jayson (23)
State: Louisiana

I’d love to tell you about my amazing mom. She’s the strongest woman I know and it’s for all the reasons on top of raising 3 grown kids, numerous pets and my dad! My mom is a primary care doctor. But she hasn’t always been. When I was small, she was the first diver hired on by the Aquarium in New Orleans when it opened in 1991. How cool is that? I got to go to the aquarium, point at the diver in the tank and say “That’s my MOM!” 

As much as she loved diving, her real passion laid in wanting to be a doctor. And she waited til all three of her kids were in grade school to re-enroll in college courses. She busted her butt and got great grades and when all was said and done, she walked away in 1998 as a doctor. For the majority of our childhood, she had her face in books, little to no sleep and stress. It’s hard enough to do medical school in your 20’s- imagine your 40’s! (It should also be said, none of that would have been possible without my amazing dad. He took us to school, helped with homework, made dinner. He pulled extra weight so she could follow her dream. And he is amazing.)

She opened her own practice in Slidell, LA and was one of the few doctors in the area post-Katrina to stick around and fight to stay open. And it was tough. So many people needed doctors and there were so few. Everyone knows the health care troubles in our country? Well, over time she did too. Insurance companies cut doctors, cut costs and eventually, even with so many patients, she couldn’t afford to keep her practice open. She transitioned to working full time for a local hospital and now works a couple weeks at a time on without a day off. No weekends. Could you imagine never getting a break for the better part of a month? Currently, she’s been working roughly 12 hour days non-stop for 3 weeks. And she’s exhausted. It breaks my heart to see her so tired.

With all this, this past few months my mom became living proof why we all need to wear sunscreen. All those years in the sun finally got to her and she discovered on her lip and nose large areas of skin cancer. Not even doctors are immune to physical ailments. She’s getting it treated and things look like she’ll be fine, but it definitely was a wake up call for her and me (with my same skin as hers!) The one thing she said when I got upset after she told me “Oh please, it’s gonna take something bigger than that to take ME down!” That attitude is my mom.

I know the mom’s who have won in the past had their own struggles, but I grew up with this woman and I have gotten to see just how amazing she is and day to day what she has done. In the past year I’ve seen her overcome so much and do it with a smile and the sass that only my mom could pull off. The one thing more than anything she taught me was that, in a day where every woman has something they hate about themselves or are insecure about, she’s SO happy in her own skin. She takes the good and the bad. She’s a very bold woman in a still very male dominated field. She smiles, she laughs and haves fun. And she’s damn proud of her accomplishments. So am I. My mom rocks.

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5 Responses to And the Winner of Mom: Get Glamorous is…

  1. Jean

    Congratulations Gerry! What a prize. Enjoy!

  2. Concierge

    Congratulations Gerry! We are “damn” proud of you too! Living your dreams and the sacrifices to do so is inspirational

  3. Gerry

    Thank you!! I am shocked that she did this, and so honored to be the winner! Looking forward to all of the pampering!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for this amazing gift!!

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