Hair Color Makeover at Salon L’Etoile

Sadie and Shannon NelsonDo you remember back in February when Davide Torchio gave me that amazing makeover? Unfortunately, unable to get back to NYC left me with asking a local salon to touch up my highlights. Even more unfortunately, the 5 highlights they gave me weren’t in line with the originals (not even the same color) which made my all over hair color look like I was trying to fake blonde it.

So while I was at the Wella Color Discovery Tour in Philadelphia last weekend, Salon L’Etoile offered me the opportunity to go back to the brunette I enjoy being. Did you know that Wella recently did a survey that found that a whopping 72% of women felt more attractive after they dyed their hair; 69% felt more confident; 49% felt more sexy; and 42% felt more youthful? With that kind of satisfaction, it’s no wonder 92% of women have colored their hair at some point in their lives. (My mom will attest to the fact that I have been coloring mine since I was 13, I will show you that bouf of a hairdo some other time.)

While at the Color Discovery Tour, Cait Kinslow gave me my consultation (see Hair Color Tips from Wella Professionals) then set me up to see Sadie Pino at the salon. Salon L’Etoile has two locations, one in Jenkintown and one in Manayunk (I went to the one in Jenkintown.) I was greeted immediately by the salon Manager and brought over to Sadie’s station (this salon has 52 stations–it’s pretty darn big!) It was like meeting my long lost sister, as Sadie and I hit it off right away. She is just the way you hope your hair stylist will be, personable, warm and friendly. Also, she has worked there for 12 years (and her mom works there too.)  

I showed her pictures of what my hair looked like back in February and we decided that I should go back to a rich, shiny brunette base color with a few caramel highlights. The highlights were done with Blondor lightener and the rest of my hair was color balanced with Color Touch shine-enhancing color in the shade 5/03. My hair processed for 25 minutes then was washed and a glaze was applied after shampooing to seal the color and add shine. The color used was a 7/73 warm caramel.


Salon L'Etoile before

Salon L'Etoile after

All of the staff was super nice and overall it was a really great experience. If I lived down near Jenkintown you can bet this would become my salon of choice.

In the end I was very happy with how my hair turned out. And after everything I learned from the stylists at the event earlier in the day, I don’t think I will go back to home hair coloring kits ever again. Check them out at


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5 Responses to Hair Color Makeover at Salon L’Etoile

  1. Sharon

    That does sound like a big salon. Glad to hear you got your hair coloring situation worked out.

  2. Jean Di Maria

    You look amazing!! Love the shorter style.

  3. Shannon Nelson

    Thanks Sharon!

    Thank you Jean, I really love long hair though…but everyone says I look younger with it short. So I’ll go with that!

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