A Girl’s Gotta Spa! (sm) + Lierac Paris= Cohérence Giveaway

5 days of fantastical giveaways and I had to make sure I ended it with something awesome. Since my focus has been on looking younger, why not give away some anti-aging products from Lierac Paris? Tomorrow is my birthday after all and I’ve been taking a walk down memory lane. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know me a little bit better.

Now you cannot laugh at this photo of me. I was in 11th grade here (1991) and obviously felt I was made for modeling. I was oblivious to my caterpillar eyebrows or my teased out mullet-like pouf of a hairdo. This picture made it into the “fashion centerfold” portion of my high school yearbook. Also? Just in case you didn’t notice, I had a “tail” that I bleached blonde and put colored beads over. Oh I was rockin it.

Contest details:

What you have to do:  Leave me a comment telling me what your anti-aging skincare regime consists of.  (Smack on the hand if you don’t have one at all! Shame shame!)

Optional, but we really would like it: Like Lierac Paris on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. And pretty please Like A Girl’s Gotta Spa! (sm) on Facebook and follow A Girl’s Gotta Spa! (sm) on Twitter as well.lierac-paris-Coherence

Prize: Cohérence Serum, Cohérence Day Cream, Cohérence Night Cream, Cohérence Nutri, Cohérence Eye Cream, Cohérence Neck Cream and Cohérence Lip Cream.
Retail value: $417

Contest dates: Friday August 20th-Monday August 23rd at 11:59PM EST. Winner announced on August 24th. Winner chosen at random.

Legal jargon: Contest only open to legal US residents 18+. Only one entry per person total. Lierac Paris has provided the prize to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! (sm) for free for this giveaway. No purchase necessary to enter or win. No cash or product substitutes will be given. I can cancel this contest at any time without notice.  You give me permission to use your name in the winner announcement post.  Contest is void where prohibited.

Are you ready? On your mark, get set…GO!

Psst. Don’t forget about the Redken Time Reset, philosophy eternal grace, Purple Lab and Exuviance Age Reverse giveaways!

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Shannon Smyth

Shannon began A Girl's Gotta Spa! beauty blog in 2005 to morph her love of beauty and in educating women on what truly works and what does not. She has been featured in Glamour, VOGUE Australia, Woman's World, Nail Pro, SHAPE and on WBRE's PA Live. She is a go-to source for social media consulting when it comes to beauty brands.

24 Responses to A Girl’s Gotta Spa! (sm) + Lierac Paris= Cohérence Giveaway

  1. Abhishek Duggal

    Deep Cleansing my Face and Applying Sunscreen.

  2. Johanna

    First I use my clarisonic Mia with purity made simple followed by hope in a jar with SPF & origins gibzibg 4 eyes. At night I use microdelivery wash & follow with dr denese hydrashield! This has really kept my skin glowing & protected!

  3. lynne Goodwin

    As I was told: exfoliate exfoliate exfoliate!

  4. Sara

    Put on moisturizer during the day–at night anti-aging cream. Hope it works!

    Follow on Facebook and Twitter

  5. Brie Reeder

    I use Control Corrective skin care line, SPF everyday, makeup with SPF, regular facials including glycolic peels…and a good set of genes I thank my mom for everday! I also take flax oil supplements which are fantastic for skin and nails. I just had my high school reunion and everyone raved about my skin! Made me feel great :) kudos for posting your high school pic! The 90’s were a doozey!

  6. MJ

    I try to always use sunscreen, and I use anti-aging and line-reducing serums. I need help with my eyes, though. Oh, and I try to take care of my body with anti-aging body wash and moisturizer.

  7. Laurel G.

    I use the Olay Professional Pro-X Anti-Aging Starter
    kit that contains a day cream, night cream and wrinkle
    target cream.

  8. Cinda

    I wash my face with Korres cleanser and I use Aveeno moisturizer every day and I stay out of the sun!

  9. DLori

    I “Like” Lierac Paris on Facebook and shared about this contest on my facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/kleimanlaw
    I follow Lierac on Twitter, and retweeted about this contest on my Twitter page at http://www.twitter.com/DianeLori
    I “Like” A Girl’s Gotta Spa! on Facebook
    I follow A Girl’s Gotta Spa! on Twitter as well
    I am a subscriber to your newsletter through email (kleimanlaw at aol dot com) and through google.

    Are you ready for this. It’s massive. Before I say anthing else, you MUST get a Clarisonic and use it religiously twice a day EVERYDAY, for the rest of your life. Always stay out of the sun and despite season, always wear sunscreen under your make up. With that said, here is my Skin Care Routine:

    Clarisonic with Skinmedica sensitive skin cleanser
    Skinceuticals Revitalizing Toner
    Skinmedica TNS Body Nist
    Skinceuticals Phloretin
    Skinceuticals CE Ferulic
    Skinceuticals B5 Hydrating Gel
    Skinmedica TNS Night Eye Repair
    Skinmedica TNS Dermal Repair
    Make up

    Cleanse face with Clarisonic and Skinmedica sensitive skin cleanser
    Skinceuticals Revitalizing Toner
    Skinmedica TNS Body Mist
    Skinmedica Retinol Complex
    Skinceuticals B5 Hydrating Gel
    Skinmedica TNS Night Eye Repair
    Skinmedica TNS Dermal Repair

    I exfoliate my face twice a week with Skinmedica Skin Polisher
    I use a Peel, Instant Gratification by Prescriptives, on my face twice a week.
    I use a Peel off mask, Joeys 15 minute Lunchtime Peel, twice a week on my face
    I use Skinmedica TNS Hydrating Masque, twice a week on my face

    Throughout the day, every day, I use Skinmedica TNS Line Refine on parts of my face that may bother me that day in terms of looking like a line is forming or skin is sagging a little.
    I also use Skinmedica Duo Lip Renewal and then Lip Plumper all throughout the day as I am terribly addicted to it. It really keeps your lips hydrated, soft, plumped and moist.

    I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted. Once you get used to this schedule, it’ll only take you 10 minutes in the AM and 10 in the PM to do. At first though, you’ll spend an hour for each. It’s worth it, at least to me!!!!!

  10. Deanna G.

    The products I use change a lot but I always wash my face twice a day, then moisturize, with spf in the morning, and I use a neck cream at night :)

  11. Ron Miller

    my first post submitted to a blank page, so I’ll try again: entering with the wife in mind, but personally I use Nivea for men… just don’t tell the guys at my tuesday nite poker game

  12. Kennedy

    I use Olay Regenerist & Almay moisture renew.

  13. Kathleen G

    I cleanse with Pure and Natural soap
    Apply TNS Essential Serum, then moisturize with PEEL RX Medi Peel Anti-wrinkle & Anti-Oxidant SPF 30+
    Repeat before bedtime, sans the PEEL RX

  14. Tammy

    I don’t have an anti-aging routine specifically. I DO use sunscreen and I do NOT go tanning. Ever. Which really sucks because I’m “fluffy” and “fluff” looks way better tan than bright white.

    But I don’t want cancer and I don’t want leathery wrinkles. So I don’t go tanning.

    I use philosophy purity made simple wash and hope in a jar cream.

  15. Robyn

    Yes, I am 45, and I’ve had an anti-aging routine since I was 16, and I still get carded sometimes in bars. The most important thing you can do for your skin is cleanse exfoliate and moisturize! Get plenty of sleep and never sleep with your makeup on.

  16. erin

    Love this stuff The dermabrasion is my favorite!

  17. Carrie Conley

    shame…..shame on me…..I dont have one…..but when I win…..I will start

  18. Kammi

    I am a fan of A Girl’s Gotta Spa!, Lierac Paris on Facebook. I shared the contest with over 400 friends on Facebook. I am a subscriber of A Girl’s Gotta Spa! and Lierac Paris newsletter via Email and She’s Community. I have Lierac Paris bust cream which I just ordered it last week.

  19. Deine

    Alright! This is probably the best giveaway in the world…so, I must enter immediately!

    My anti-aging skincare regime is as follows:

    1. Wash face with Eminence Mineral Cleanser
    2. Tone face with Clinique #2 Toner
    3. Moisturize face with Korres Wild Rose 24-Hr. Moisturizer
    4. Apply Eminence Eye Cream to eye area
    5. Apply petroleum jelly to lips

    I basically try to keep my routine simple! Sometimes, less is more and, as far as anti-aging goes, I think that moisturizing is the very best thing that I can do for my skin! Moisturizing keeps my skin supple and smooth and that’s just about the best I can hope for right now! And, I would definitely love to try out this line of products!

  20. Karen R.

    I exfoliate, and moisturize at night with Avon and Olay products.

  21. Karen R.

    I like Lierac on facebook as Karen Ramirez and follow on twitter as karenar25.

  22. Karen R.

    I like your page on facebook as Karen Ramirez and follow on twitter as karenar25.

  23. Liza

    I have searched and search for years for a skin product that would make my skin have a smooth soft feeling and anti-aging ingredients as well. I have such sensitive skin but I’m so in love with the Concentre Mesolift Serum and Creme Mesolift. My skin hasn’t EVER looked this good. Thank you, Thank you for finally coming out with a product that does so much but so gentle on your skin and ACTUALLY WORK!

  24. safia

    Exfoliation and sunscreen! I know I need to step it up!

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