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Shannon Nelson familyI’m sure you’re wondering what Autism has to do with a beauty blog. It doesn’t, but it has everything to do with a wonderful 11 year old boy that I gave birth to named Gavin and my incredibly artistic 8 year old son Connor (seen with me here with their 3rd youngest brother–I have 4 kids.) Then there are my nephews Andrew and Kevin…and my cousins Seth and Jared. All of these boys are on the Autism Spectrum. So it was a pretty easy decision for me to spearhead a Twitter party with Autism Speaks to draw attention to a fund-raising campaign that they have going on now until the end of this month regarding their digital Puzzlebuilder.

The Autism Speaks community has built over 12,000 puzzles so far and raised nearly $30,000 for autism research and awareness. It’s an amazing start. But their goal has not been reached. They’re looking to do even more to help their scientists find the answers to Autism – which, as you know, affects 1 in 110 children in the United States and 1 in 70 boys. (Did you notice everyone I mentioned above was a boy?)

This Wednesday, December 8th, please join Autism Speaks (@AutismSpeaks) and myself (@ShannonNelson) at 7pm EST on Twitter as we tweet to raise awareness about Autism, the Puzzlebuilder campaign and to try to get as many $10 donations for puzzle pieces as possible. Pop onto Tweetgrid and use the hashtag: #puzzlebuilder This will help you keep up with the tweets! We’ll also be giving away some great prizes too! 

Please add your Twitter name and link to your Twitter profile below if you plan on participating. We’d love to have you!

If you haven’t already done so, I’m challenging you to start a puzzle today and obtain donations for 20 pieces in time for the party! If you do, you will be entered to win something great!* (What? Well, you’ll have to tune in to find out!) You can start now by going to

Want to see mine? You can check it out here: Shannon’s Puzzlebuilder

*US residents only

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5 Responses to Autism Speaks Digital Puzzlebuilder Twitter Party

  1. Autism Story Book Mom

    My DAUGHTER’s name is Kate. I applaud your effort in raising awareness and money for a truly worthy cause. However, 1 out of 5 diagnosed with autism is a girl! That is 20% of the autistic population. If there are any girls in any of the schools or groups your children attend, please let them know that is a place for families to upload a photo of their daughter and write her story. I will print the photo and add it to a banner I am creating for Walk Now for Autism Speaks 2011. I am trying to raise autism awareness too! Thanks.

  2. Shannon Nelson

    Hi Kate’s mom, that’s great that you created something for the girls! Thank you for also trying to raise money as well.

  3. Melissa Lawrence

    Hi Shannon! Wonderful to have found you. My 15 year old son has Aspberger’s. I am going to try to make your party!

  4. Shannon Nelson

    Hi Melissa, thank you! What’s your name on Twitter so I can make sure to follow you?

  5. sensorydelight

    Hi Shannon
    we here at Princessensorydelights are excited about this puzzlebuilder project and fund raiser for Autism Speaks. We have donated to several autism fund raisers and have been involved in several Autism Walks. I love the idea of the puzzle

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