Hair Cut at Janey O’s Salon in Blakely, PA

One of the pitfalls of having bangs is that when they begin to grow out, and you put off a hair appointment, it totally messes with your overall hairstyle. When your hair is longer and you have no bangs, you can hide that overdue hair cut more easily by curling it, flat ironing it , wearing it in an updo…nobody is the wiser. But Nick Arrojo snapped me out of that almost 2 years ago when he cut 8 inches off and gave me bangs. I can no longer go 2-4 months without getting my hair cut.

The last hair cut I had was at Salon A.K.S. in September during the last few days of Fashion Week. So at the beginning of December I grew tired of looking…tired. Do you know the feeling? A friend of mine had made mention that she was the hairstylist at Janey O’s Salon in Blakely (pretty close to the Viewmont Mall.) Since it’s become my quest to take in as much of Northeast PA‘s beauty industry as possible I bequeathed Misty with the task of fixing my hair. And no, she wasn’t at all intimidated by all of the amazing hairstylists before her who had worked on my hair like the aforementioned Nick Arrojo, Davide Torchio or Alain Pinon. I immediately loved that she was confidant that she could do just as an amazing a cut as any celebrity hairstylist.

Oh, and she sure did. 

The best part for me was fully putting my trust in her…for your hair is your best accessory. If your hair doesn’t look good, then who cares if your outfit does? Your hair will thwart any positive attention your clothing would bring.

When Misty was done I couldn’t help but smile. She cut it, razored it and after blow drying, flat ironed it (with this amazing professional flat iron that she tells me is not available to consumers…drat!) I was so happy. But better still? It was only $25! You can’t even get a tank of gas for $25 nowadays let alone an amazing hair cut! So while Misty is a friend of mine and this review may sound bias, I think the pictures speak for themselves!

You can find Janey O’s Salon on 620 West Lackawanna Ave in Blakey. If you book an appointment with Misty, let her know you read this review!

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